Big Mistakes of Dhoom 3 2013 Film

Dhoom 3 Was the Blockbuster movie of 2013, But director of movie Vijay Krishna Acharya did many blunder mistakes in Dhoom 3, some are totally illogical, Like Aamir Running his bike on a rope and tyres of bike are airless but in next shot bike was perfect and running in Full Speed. Bike transforms to Jet Ski, How Aamir rob the bank they just show the escape of Aamir, I think Robbing a bank is easy in Chicago.

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 #1 Mistakes of Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 Mistakes

#2 Mistakes of Dhoom 3

Abhishek Bachchan Dhoom 3 Mistakes

#3 Mistakes of Dhoom 3

dhoom 3 Pajama Mistakes

#4 Mistakes of Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 Bike transformation

#5 Mistakes of Dhoom 3

Dhoom3 Mistakes

If you know more mistakes of Dhoom 3 share with us.

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