10 Best Hindi Romantic Web Series on Online Streaming (OTT)

Valentine’s Day 2024 is near, and people love to watch romantic comedies and romance genre Movies and TV Shows in Feb, so we came up with a list of the 10 best Hindi Romantic web series on OTT; you can stream them this Valentine’s Day.

The romance genre is the most exploited genre In India. If you look at the history of Hindi cinema, you will find many Hindi romantic movies that were blockbusters, but in the times of streaming platforms and OTT, web series are ruling the entertainment industry, and the crime drama genre is more favored on OTT, but here we are sharing some wonderful Romantic comedy web series on OTT.

Best Hindi Romantic Web Series on OTT

Mismatched (2020)

Mismatched (2020) romantic comedy web series
Mismatched (2020): Romantic comedy web series

Mismatched is a web series that was released in 2020 on Netflix; It is based on Sandhya Menon’s novel When Dimple Met Rishi. The series is a romantic comedy-drama about the lives of young adults, including their interactions and their time at an IT boot camp.

The primary protagonists, Dimple and Rishi, have opposing personalities and aspirations, resulting in a sequence of delightful and emotional incidents. The series delves into topics of attachment, friendship, and pursuing one’s passion.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Permanent Roommates (2014)

TVF Permanent Roommates Best Indian web series

Permanent Roommates is an Indian web series initially released on YouTube by TVF. It was produced by TVF and directed by Sameer Saxena. At the time, it gained popularity among young audiences.

The show is about the love story of Mikesh and Tanya, a couple who have been in a long-distance love relationship. Mikesh returns from the US and proposes to Tanya, and it starts a rollercoaster ride for both of them and their families. Permanent Roommates is one of the best Web Series by TVF.

Streaming Platform: YouTube

Little Things (2016)

Little Things (2016) best romantic web series on netflix hindi

Little Things is an Indian Web Series released in 2016 on Netflix. It was created by Dhruv Sehgal and directed by Ajay Bhuyan. The series became famous because of its realistic storyline about a young couple and their ups and downs in a relationship.

The main leads, Kavya and Dhruv, are played by Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. show the hardships and pleasures of living together in a hectic big city like Mumbai. The series digs into subjects such as love, job goals, individual development, and the tiny moments that make a connection unique.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

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Cheesecake (2019)

Cheesecake (2014) best romantic comedy web series on ott free in Hindi

Cheesecake is a web series that was released in 2019. It is an Indian romantic comedy-drama produced by TVF and directed by Palash Vaswani. The story pursues the lives of a couple, Neel (Jitendra Kumar) and Sameera (Akanksha Thakur), who take a surprising turn when they discover a neglected dog named Cheesecake.

The show is about how Cheesecake’s presence affects their lives and their relationship.

Streaming Platform: MX Player

Flames (2018)

Flames (2018) best romantic comedy web series on prime video hindi

FLAMES is an Indian web series that was released in 2018. The title “FLAMES” stands for “First Love Always Matters.” It is a romance drama series produced by The Timeliners, TVF’s entertainment branch. The show follows the lives of Rajat and Ishita, two high school students, and their adolescent love adventures.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

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College Romance (2018)

College Romance (2018) best hindi web series in romance genre

College Romance is a Hindi romantic comedy web series released in 2018 by The Timeliners, A branch of TVF. The series shares the lives of 3 college students, Karan, Trippy, and Naira

The major cast comprises Manjot Singh as Trippy, Apoorva Arora as Naira, and Keshav Sadhna as Karan. The sitcom became famous due to its humor, relevant representation of college life, and chemistry between the main characters.

Streaming Platform: Sony Liv

Taj Mahal 1989 (2020)

Taj Mahal 1989 (2020) best romance genre series ott hindi

Taj Mahal 1989 is an Indian web series that premiered on Netflix in 2020. Pushpendra Nath Misra conceived and directed the series. Set in Lucknow, India, in 1989, the drama weaves together many love tales and examines various aspects of love and relationships with a touch of nostalgia.

The star cast includes Neeraj Kabi, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Sheeba Chaddha, Anud Singh Dhaka, Paras Priyadarshan, and others. Each plot is distinct and reflects many types of love, such as mature love, unrequited love, and the intricacies of relationships.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Feels Like Ishq (2021)

Feels Like Ishq (2021) best romantic web series hindi

Feels Like Ishq is an Indian anthology series that premiered on Netflix in 2021.

The series comprises six short films, each of which explores the concept of love and its varied manifestations. The stories are diverse, depicting many views and sorts of relationships.

The series includes a variety of romantic, funny, and touching stories, with each short film telling a unique love story. The ensemble cast includes Radhika Madan, Amol Parashar, Kajol Chugh, Mihir Ahuja, Simran Jehani, Rohit Saraf, and others.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

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ImMature (2019)

Immature best web series on school life

The show delves into Dhruv’s experiences and difficulties as he steers the highs and lows of juvenility, including friendships, school life, and his affection for his infatuation, Chhavi.

ImMature is an Indian coming-of-age online series that launched in 2019. created by Dhruv Sehgal, and Prem Mistry directed it. The series is created by TVF (The Viral Fever). The tale is set in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and follows the life of Dhruv Sharma, a 16-year-old kid played by Omkar Kulkarni.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Badtameez Dil (2023)

Badtameez Dil (2023) best romantic comedy web series alt balaji hindi

Badtameez Dil stars Riddhi Dogra and Barun Sobti in the lead roles; it is created by Ekta Kapoor and it is available on Amazon Mini TV and Alt Balaji.

The tale revolves around Liz and Karan. Liz is a hopeless romantic who works as a college instructor, but Karan has a radically different view of love, marriage, and sex.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Mini TV and Alt Balaji

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