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Philosophy nerd, leftist and an unapologetic aspiring filmmaker from Delhi.
Article 15 Best Bollywood films on caste system

12 Best Bollywood Films About The Caste System and Dalits

The caste system has remained a black blot on the Indian society ever since it came in touch with the outside world.
Sonchiriya Best movies on baaghi

8 Best Bollywood Movies on Chambal Dacoits/Baaghi

Best Hindi films on Dacoits/Bandits In the 70s and 80s, Bollywood milked the entire ‘daaku’ thing massively, churning out film after...
Gangs of Wasseypur Manoj Bajpayee Sardar Khan

14 Best Movies of Manoj Bajpai All Cinema lovers Must Watch

Manoj Bajpai is one Bollywood star who has always been around and acclaimed as one of the best actors and yet, never truly got his...
War of the Worlds best alien films

25+ Best Hollywood Movies on Aliens or Extra-Terrestrial Life

Science fiction and Hollywood has a very old relationship, right from the beginning when films just became the main source of entertainment for the public....
Akshay Kumar in Kesari best Akkshay kumar film

15 All-Time Best Movies of Akshay Kumar For Every Akki Fan

You can choose to either love him or hate him, but you can't deny the fact that Akshay Kumar has been the original action hero...
hero film best for film makers

16 Essential Films Every Aspiring Filmmaker Must Watch To Learn Film Making

There are films we watch to learn the craft of making films and there are films that we enjoy. What if...

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