17+ Best Indian Science Fiction Movies of All Time

Science fiction films have always been a forte of Hollywood. It has been tough for other film industries around the globe to match up to the standards set by Hollywood sci-fi movies. However, the Indian film industry is catching up and producing some great science fiction movies in the past decade.

While the Indian film industry is finally getting some recognition for its contribution to the sci-fi genre, we decided to check out the top Indian science fiction films ever made.

Best Indian Sci-Fi Films of All Time

Sci-fi genre is the toughest of all other genres as you need to introduce technology either under development or never heard before. The challenge is that the sci-fi film must feel real and amazes the audience.

Thankfully, Indian film industry has tried this genre and at times got successful in entertaining the audience fond of the sci-fi genre.

Here are some of the best Indian Science Fiction movies of all time:   

Robot (2010)

Robot movie on science fiction

Shankar’s 2010 film Robot took the Indian science fiction genre to a new level. Although a story adapted from a Kannada film; the breathtaking scenes and technology used in this multilingual film made it unique. The film tells the story of a scientist who develops an android that exhibits human emotions. When the Android falls in love with the scientist’s girlfriend, the once a marvel creation becomes a danger to the human society. Whether the scientist is able to stop it or not forms the rest of the story.

Koi… Mil Gaya (2003)

Hrithik roshan in Koi mil gaya

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Koi Mil Gaya is a 2003 film and Bollywood’s first film about Aliens. The central theme of the film is the friendship bond between an intellectually disabled boy named Rohit and an alien. After the boy uses the machine invented by his father to communicate with the aliens, the aliens respond. When they arrive on Earth, they leave one of their kinds behind. The rest of the film shows the developing bond between the alien and the boy and how the alien helps the boy become the smartest of all.

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Krrish (2006)

Krrish superhero science fiction movie

Krrish is the sequel to the 2003 Koi Mil Gaya and tells the story of Rohit’s son Krishna. More than a science fiction film, Krrish is a superhero film and the origin story of the superhero of the same name. Krishna inherits superpowers through his father, thanks to the alien from the first film who treats Rohit before he leaves. He takes the persona of Krrish to hide his identity and fight the evil in the world. Hrithik Roshan plays the double role as Rohit and his son Krishna in this film.

Krrish 3 (2013)

Krrish 3 science fiction Bollywood film

Krrish 3 is the sequel to the 2006 Krrish. With this film, Krrish became the first superhero franchise in Indian film industry. While Krrish was the origin story of the superhero, Krrish 3 shows him as a renowned Indian superhero, which faces an evil scientist and his creations. The film tries to justify the power of Krrish by pitting him against his equals, at least in terms of superpowers. Whether Krrish triumphs over them and eliminates Kaal, the evil scientist or not becomes the rest of the story.

Ra.One (2011)

Ra one superhero science fiction Bollywood film

Although it collected some handsome amount at the Box Office, Ra.One isn’t considered as successful as the Krrish franchise. Maybe, it was because the film’s concept is beyond its time as Indians aren’t used to the gaming universe as the West does. Shahrukh Khan’s dream project Ra.One is basically a film that takes two characters from the gaming universe and pits them against each other in the real world. While Ra.One is the supervillain, G.One is the superhero and the only thing that can stop Ra.One.

Mr. India (1987)

mr India Science fiction film on invisibility

Considered as the first successful science fiction film in the Hindi film industry, Mr. India is a film that has become a cult over the years. The film follows the story of Arun, who takes in orphan kids and cares for them by giving the shelter, food, and education. He comes across a gadget invented by his father which when activated turns the person wearing it invisible. Arun uses the device to fight crimes under the disguise of Mr. India until he and the kids are captured by Mogambo. Whether he rescues himself and the kids by defeating Mogambo’s army or not becomes the rest of the film, Mr India is in our list of All Time Best Movies on Invisibility.

Shree (2013)

Shree Bollywood Movie on Time Travel

Shree is not the first film in India about Time Travel. Earlier few attempts have been made but Shree makes an exception because it deals with the development of the concept of time traveling. Basically, the film follows the life of Shree, who is struggling financially and when he is offered money to become a subject for an experiment that deals with time travel. Again, the film was beyond its time and couldn’t justify the plot as the Indian audience isn’t ready for such complex sci-fi films. However, it is a must watch as such attempts must be praised to encourage Indian cinema to work in this genre.

Mr. X in Bombay (1964)

Mr. X in Bombay science fiction Indian Film

While Mr. India is renowned as the first science fiction Hindi film, here’s a classic from the 60s which actually claim the title. Yes, Mr. X in Bombay is not entirely a science fiction film but it surely qualifies as the complete plot of the film relies on a man turning invisible using the potion created by a scientist. Directed by Shantilal Soni, the film features Kishore Kumar in the lead titular role in the film.

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Kalai Arasi (1963)

First Indian Science Fiction film Kalaiarasi

If Mr. X in Bombay is the first Hindi sci-fi film, then Kalai Arasi is definitely the first Indian science fiction film. Released in 1963, the film is also the first Indian film deal with aliens. The film follows the story of a girl who is abducted by the aliens and taken to their planet. Later, the girl’s boyfriend seeks an opportunity to get to the alien planet and rescues the girl. Directed by A. Kasilingam, the film was beautifully crafted and way beyond the time at the time of its release.

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    Without “Unamtta” list remains incomplete. Unmatta is one of the best science fiction ever produced in India.