25+ Best Hollywood Movies on Aliens or Extra-Terrestrial Life

Science fiction and Hollywood has a very old relationship, right from the beginning when films just became the main source of entertainment for the public.

We present to you some of the best American films on Aliens of all times that every science fiction lover must watch. Alien films are the part of the science fiction genre, we have seen some great Aliens Movies from Hollywood.

Best Hollywood Movies on Aliens

Alien Series (1979-2017)

Alien 1979 Film on Aliens Best

Alien series has been a pioneer in the science fiction film genre in the American cinema. The genius behind the inception was Ridley Scott, who helmed the original Alien back in 1979.

The series features five more films telling different stories about the horrors of alien life on humans. With directors such as James Cameron and David Fincher further taking the charge of directing later films, the series has become the most well-known science fiction franchises ever made.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

ET The Extra Terrestrial best film on friendship

Directed and written by Steven Spielberg, the film told a happy go lucky story about the friendship between a friendly alien and a human boy named Elliot.

As their friendship grows, they become inseparable, but somehow, it all must end. And it ends in a beautiful bittersweet way that only Spielberg is capable of bringing on-screen.

The film was a huge critical and commercial success and further cemented Spielberg’s place as one of the best directors of this generation.

Arrival (2016)

Arrival Movie explained communication offer weapons

When spiritual meets science fiction, the results are breathtaking more often than not. In Arrival, a linguistic expert Louise is hired to interpret the language of some weird looking aliens that have come on our planet in their mysterious spaceships.

They are here to transmit some important message which will greatly impact humanity’s future. Director Denise Villeneuve doesn’t leave any stone unturned in making a masterpiece here. We have explained the whole film, do check out our Arrival Film Explanation.

Avatar (2009)

Avatar Best 3d effects best movies on aliens

James Cameron literally invented the technology with the help of his team to bring this world to life and it shows in every frame of this beautiful masterpiece.

The film tells the story of Jake, a now handicapped ex-soldier who is sent on a planet named Pandora in order to understand the behavior of the aliens that live there. But things turn haywire when he begins sympathizing with them. The film secured many Oscars and remained the highest-grossing film of all times.

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District 9 (2009)

District 9 film on aliens Best movies on aliens

2009 seems like it was the year of science fiction lovers. First Avatar, after that, District 9. If Avatar set new grounds in terms of the 3D technology, District 9 does the same with storytelling.

The film tells the story of a group of aliens that are forced to live in humiliating conditions on the planet but they find their savior in one human being who decides to fight for them. The film was a revelation and for an indie film, it was way too good when it comes to the VFX.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

The Day The Earth Stood Still best films on aliens

Starring Keanu Reeves as an alien who has accidentally crashed in New York, the film was criticized for being too offbeat when it was released but has found a new fan base in the more recent years.

Some scientists are invited to investigate the alien who had crashed and one among the scientists realizes that if humanity has to survive, the alien must be kept safe. Featuring some intense acting, the film remains terribly underrated.

Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day best film on Aliens attack

Jokingly mentioned as a film which looks like it was directed by Michael Bay more than any Michael Bay film does, Independence Day is pure fun and bonkers entertainment.

The plot is as simple as it could be, aliens vs humans. Starring a multi starrer cast filled with names such as Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum, the film was a whacky movie-going experience that established Will Smith as a star and had the cash raining on the international box office.

War of the Worlds (2005)

War of the Worlds best alien films

Steven Spielberg is known as one of the most mature directors in Hollywood but does that mean he can’t have fun once in a while? He did with War of the Worlds, featuring a simplistic plot of war between earthlings and an alien race.

At the center of the story is an average American family, looking to spend some quality time together, before the disaster strikes in the form of an alien attack. To know the rest, watch this film.

Alien vs. Predator (2005)


Directed by a well-known science fiction director Paul W.S. Anderson, the film was an out horror film with science fiction angle making everything furthermore interesting.

The setting is Antarctica, where some archaeologists have found signs of an alien race, without realizing that they are well alive and out on hunts. Predators enter the scene and it becomes a race to survival between the three distinct races.

Dark Skies (2013)


This low budget science fiction thriller is based on the ‘fear of the unknown’ factor. The story follows the lives of two families as their life is turned upside down when a threat emerges from nowhere.

In order to make sure the families survive, our protagonists embark on a journey that reveals itself as a haunted and scary route towards finding the root cause of their fears and how to deal with it.

Star Trek series (1979-2016)


There is Star Trek and there is Star Wars. Both are successful in their own manner but the difference is that the former one is more brutal, realistic and hard-hitting than the latter.

The story is set in an alternate universe and tells the story of Captain James Kirk, the leader of USS Enterprise’s space mission, as they go through many hurdles to establish their rule in the galaxy.

Also incorporating the elements of time travel and alternate reality, the series has been a hit among the more intellectual masses.

Contact (1997)

Contact 1997 film on alien life and attack

One of the most low budget films on the list, Contact, is by no means a weak film. Actually, it’s one of the most well-reviewed and well-acclaimed science fiction film ever.

Telling the story of a female scientist who traces the signals from space presumably by the aliens, the film introduces several characters that make the story philosophical and deeper. The film ends on a satisfying note, making it all worth it.

Man of Steel (2013)

Best of Zack Snyder Man of Steel

The first film in the rebooted DC film universe, Man of Steel perfectly exhibited Zack Snyder’s talents in storytelling and filmmaking as a whole.

The film told the classic tale of Superman/Clark Kent with a darker and more hyper-realistic turn and the result is the best Superman movie ever made. The film had its critics but over time, it gained a cult status and Henry Cavill’s portrayal as the Superman stands out as best among his counterparts.

Men in Black (1997-2019)

men in black best movies about aliens

Men in Black is a wholly different take on the entire ‘aliens lives among us’ debate. Presented in a comedic tone, the film has an intelligence agency known as MIB as they trace alien life on earth to keep them under control.

While Will Smith rocked his part in the early three films, the latest part has Chris Hemsworth taking the baton from Smith in the recently released fourth installment.

Transformers (2007-2019)

Transformers film on aliens best action movies

Transformers is one such Alien Science fiction action film franchise that has survived through years of bad reviews and bad marking. All six parts have been massively successful.

Full credit goes to the original creator, Michael Bay, who exhaled life into the entire franchise. Telling the story about some robotic aliens that have made the earth their battleground, the series features some of the most jaw-dropping action sequences ever put to screen. In addition, all its parts have been massively successful. Transformers series films are one of the Best action films of Hollywood.

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These are the list of our Favorite films of best Hollywood alien films of all the time, but if you think we have missed some other great films on life outside earth, then do share in the comment section.