We are getting many E-mails, people always ask “I want to Act in Bollywood movies, How to become a Bollywood actor “. these are the basic things which you need to become a good actor in Bollywood or in any film industry in India. There are many youngsters and the youth of today, who want to get into Bollywood. If you seriously want to enter Bollywood, these simple steps can make your journey to Bollywood quite easily. By following these steps you can definitely make it to Bollywood, but you must understand that with all the glitz and glamour of Bollywood comes Hardwork and sheer hardwork.

Basic thing You need to Enter in Bollywood

Be a Bollywood Star

Acting Classes

If you are damn serious in making a career in acting, you must join some renowned acting classes. Improve your acting skills and learn everything about acting. Many a times, Directors and casting agents have tie ups with renowned acting schools. Who knows, your luck strikes and you get a direct entry to Bollywood. join theater groups to brush up your acting skills that will improve your performance in strong roles.

Dance Classes

An actor must know, How to dance! Joining some renowned dancing school will not only improve your chances of getting into Bollywood. But also dancing schools like (Shimak Davar Dance Academy) can be the reason of a direct entry. still you need to be a good actor.


You can also start modelling. This can open your doors to the advertisements and albums. Not only music albums and advertisements, but through modelling you can enter Miss India/ Mr. India contests and come into limelight.


Do not skip any Interview/auditions. You may seek failures in the starting but that will make you realize where you stand in reality. Work harder every time and you may end with a role in your hand. Even if the role is small, doesn’t let it go off your hands, because once you come into limelight even with a small role, you may open big doors of Bollywood easily.


Networking is very important for everyone, to survive in their respective fields. Make sure you make friends and increase network. Go to social gatherings, events and try to interact with them socially. They can be really helpful in future.

Reality Shows

These days, reality shows are on the boom. They can be a stepping stone for your entry in Bollywood. Be it roadies, Dance shows, singing shows or any other. Once you got on the small screen, entry to Bollywood can be easier.

Work on your Body

An actor must have a good body. SO make sure you hit the GYM as soon as possible and start working on your body. Be in shape, so that whenever your luck strikes, your body doesn’t let it go.

Work on your Looks

Looks are another prominent feature and can also be your simplest and easiest entry to Bollywood. Work on your looks. Stay in style and work on your looks. Wearing stylish clothes and taking care of your skin and hairs is very important. Make sure you take good care of all, but this thing is not important if you have great acting skills. This can make you look good on screen but acting is the final thing which you need to become a good actor.

Conclusion/Final words

All these things are waste if you are not a good actor. there are many star’s son who failed because they were not good in acting, and if a son/daughter of a big superstar can fail without acting skills then you are nothing if you don’t have acting skills.

Going to Mumbai and standing at the doors of Film studios can never help you get entry into Bollywood. If things are not working out, do not waste your time and do something useful for your future. Our friends sometimes make us feel that we are really good actors, but the reality is way too different. Do not day dream and come back to reality. If you know, acting is not your cup of tea, leave the rigidness and do something to make your future. The life of Actors might seems all glitz and glamour but only they know, how hard one has to work to maintain it.

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