How to Get into Bollywood Easily and become a Bollywood Actor?

We are getting many E-mails, people always ask “I want to Act in Bollywood movies, How to become a Bollywood actor “. these are the basic things which you need to become a good actor in Bollywood or in any film industry in India. There are many youngsters and the youth of today, who want to get into Bollywood. If you seriously want to enter Bollywood, these simple steps can make your journey to Bollywood quite easily. By following these steps you can definitely make it to Bollywood, but you must understand that with all the glitz and glamour of Bollywood comes Hardwork and sheer hardwork.

Basic thing You need to Enter in Bollywood

Be a Bollywood Star

Acting Classes

If you are damn serious in making a career in acting, you must join some renowned acting classes. Improve your acting skills and learn everything about acting. Many a times, Directors and casting agents have tie ups with renowned acting schools. Who knows, your luck strikes and you get a direct entry to Bollywood. join theater groups to brush up your acting skills that will improve your performance in strong roles.

Dance Classes

An actor must know, How to dance! Joining some renowned dancing school will not only improve your chances of getting into Bollywood. But also dancing schools like (Shimak Davar Dance Academy) can be the reason of a direct entry. still you need to be a good actor.


You can also start modelling. This can open your doors to the advertisements and albums. Not only music albums and advertisements, but through modelling you can enter Miss India/ Mr. India contests and come into limelight.


Do not skip any Interview/auditions. You may seek failures in the starting but that will make you realize where you stand in reality. Work harder every time and you may end with a role in your hand. Even if the role is small, doesn’t let it go off your hands, because once you come into limelight even with a small role, you may open big doors of Bollywood easily.


Networking is very important for everyone, to survive in their respective fields. Make sure you make friends and increase network. Go to social gatherings, events and try to interact with them socially. They can be really helpful in future.

Reality Shows

These days, reality shows are on the boom. They can be a stepping stone for your entry in Bollywood. Be it roadies, Dance shows, singing shows or any other. Once you got on the small screen, entry to Bollywood can be easier.

Work on your Body

An actor must have a good body. SO make sure you hit the GYM as soon as possible and start working on your body. Be in shape, so that whenever your luck strikes, your body doesn’t let it go.

Work on your Looks

Looks are another prominent feature and can also be your simplest and easiest entry to Bollywood. Work on your looks. Stay in style and work on your looks. Wearing stylish clothes and taking care of your skin and hairs is very important. Make sure you take good care of all, but this thing is not important if you have great acting skills. This can make you look good on screen but acting is the final thing which you need to become a good actor.

Conclusion/Final words

All these things are waste if you are not a good actor. there are many star’s son who failed because they were not good in acting, and if a son/daughter of a big superstar can fail without acting skills then you are nothing if you don’t have acting skills.

Going to Mumbai and standing at the doors of Film studios can never help you get entry into Bollywood. If things are not working out, do not waste your time and do something useful for your future. Our friends sometimes make us feel that we are really good actors, but the reality is way too different. Do not day dream and come back to reality. If you know, acting is not your cup of tea, leave the rigidness and do something to make your future. The life of Actors might seems all glitz and glamour but only they know, how hard one has to work to maintain it.

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    Sir I want to become actor give me one chance please

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      Sir i want to become an actor


    Sir I do a very good acting. Please give me one chance.

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    Sir, I want to become actor give me one chance please

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    I want to become actress in Bollywood
    Sir please give a chance i love Bollywood and i love acting.

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      Sir i am 15 yrs old and want to become an actor. I get very inspired by the actors and actresses by their acting and I know that it is very hard. Sir pls tell me from where should I start as I am very confused.

      • Aryan chaturvedi

        Yes I can do




    Sir I am 21 year old age I start my career in Bollywood star my passion and my hobbies so plzz help me

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    I am trying for my son in Bollywood, he is 5 years old and he is good for every roll, if have any chance please let us know.

    Hope so one day he will true my dream.

    • Faridat

      Am interested in acting sir and that is my beloved mom biggest dream in life

  9. Ankit Karmakar

    Sir I want to become a actor It is the only one aim in my life

    • Adeyemo Abdulsalam

      Sir am from Nigeria and I want ri become an actor of Indian.speaking Hindi may be problem for me but I do act in my school and with exercise I do go to gym center,and dancing .so pls accept me and just give me a chance .I promise I will be the best. Nama stay.

      • Uzoma Chinedum Dynamic Ease Chnechetam

        Sir am a Nigerian and i love Bollywood I love acting and modeling although we kinda find it uneasy to pay for all those classes in Nigeria due to the economical state of the country I may not be good to your taste but am ready to learn and to be taught if you give me a chance I promise I will never let you down. My policy is always to let my first impression be the best at all times. So I can assure you that I will not let you down and if you don’t like my write up please give me a chance am sure you will not regret it. I am DYNAMIC EASE

  10. Vidya B

    I really liked your article. You have given all the tips to enter Bollywood but in the end, you have also advised youngsters, not to waste their time in this, if they do not have it in them what it takes and think about other options for their future. Nowadays, every young boy and girl wants to enter Glamour Industry, may it be films, TV or Modelling. They waste their youth in pursuing this career. So thanks for the advise

  11. Priyanka Mishra

    I am 13 years old. I am study in class 8th. I want to be a best actress.please select me to movie, serials, ads and etc.

    • barsha rani rahang

      Maam please give me a chance mam

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    Sir I am 16year old I went to brcome actors give me one chance sir please

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    hy, sir i am 13 years old and my hobbie is to become a actor i have read all that what you have written but sir if you can you give me a chance in any of it in movie,serials or in anything plz message me

  14. tushar

    try one time sir if something.

  15. Shavan pihal

    I am interested in acting

    mujhe acting krni h ap mujhe Bollywood industry m please bhej do
    Please support me

    • Nandhana Hari

      all the best if you are really intrested you will become an actor…try for it

      • Rashmi Chapagain

        Hi myself Rashmi I’m from Nepal I’m 13 years old I can sing dance and acting too
        After my study i will do job in Nepal after it I will join acting classes in Nepal . After this I want to go Mumbai for adutions
        I’m confused about what to do after going Mumbai please tell me and after learning acting from Nepal can I join Bollywood please tell me

        • Nandhana Hari

          Hello Rashmi…Yes you can do acting after your studies and job but 1st education is really important okay…you can do it girl visualize your aim everyday work for it..

  16. Jack

    Hi, My self Jack and i am 28 Years old and i wanted to be a Fashion Model.
    So may i get any reference or contact no for advice and enter to bollywood industry.

    • Min

      Something is aim in my life

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    what if i guarantee the TRP ,can i get a role in any of the shows

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    My heart says that one day definitely i will become Bollywood super star

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    I Zaid Sultan I wanna join bollywood as best superstar (actor) And increase the respect of my country from others….

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    I also become a Bollywood actress please suggest me sir

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    I can see everything same in all the comments all are confused and begging for trying to join in Bollywood family.
    No one is trying to say why the want to enter
    i am shariq 16 yrs i want to show difference in me and them cuz i have good acting skills
    and the person who is professional in something need not to beg..
    thank you

  22. Hi! Sir I Want To Become an Actor ,I Want To Make My Career In BollyWood Line.

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    Hii sir this is kaushik from Andaman sir you make many actor and actresses careers but when enter into Bollywood industry they are the new or ordinary people but now a big star so sir please I requeste you to give me one chance to raise my Bollywood industry in the whole world.please sir.

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    I want to be a good actor….plz plz plz give a chance

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    Hii Sir,
    I am Prince Raj From Ara Bihar.Sir I know that you make many Actors and Actresses Careers.So humble requested, I Want to Say that Please give me a chance to raise my career in Wollybood industry.
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    Your Obedient
    Prince Raj


      Hello sir
      I’m Pravesh Anand
      From Bihar I want to be a Actor of bollywood i want to say that please give me chance to rise my life in Bollywood industry. Please help me.
      Your obedient
      Pravesh Anand

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    Sir, I am 12 years old and i want to became a actor

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    I want to be n upcoming actor in Bollywood please give me a one chance please sir.

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    im really interested in acting, im 16yrs old studying in grade 10 U.A.E.
    so i humble request you sir to help me to become one of the best actor in world.
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    Hii… Sir
    I am from kolkata, sir my dream is become to an actor…I’m 17yrs old guy… I really interested on acting sir.. I want to be actor in future.. So sir how I became to an actor??

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    Hlo sir,
    I am from kashmir sir i want to become an actor
    So plz sir i you teach and guide for my best feature
    I will be your most kindness

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    I am really an actor who plays a role of joker in a real life who makes others happy 🙂 but I have a filmy keeda inside me I am a @like actor 😎

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    And my hope is to become actor

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    Hello sir,
    This is reeya here ,n I’m from Mumbai(chembur)…I want to become an actress n have no idea where to start from.. I’m 20 yrs old n I come from an average family background…I really need ur guidance n I’ll b really thankful to u..


  41. Ronit Raj

    Sir I don’t want to became an actor
    Because of acting toh sabhi karte hai ,
    But I wants to brake the Bollywood .
    I know that mujhe yaha pe egnour hi kiya jayega but I make u sure that i will be the future superstar of Bollywood

  42. srikant

    I have been searching all over the internet since long time. But finally found a meaningful article on how to become actor in Bollywood. Thanks for the article.

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  45. Nupur

    I’m the winner of Mrs India 2015 , Represented India to Malaysia and have alsoWon the Mrs Asia International winner title . Have recieved several other awards . I can speak in 6 different languages . Acting is my passion . At present I’m the brand ambassador of a skin care product . With proper guidance I’m sure I will be able to perform .

  46. Jitender


    I am 47 years old based in North West Delhi – Is it possible that can I get a nice role in any net series, daily soap opera serial, web series , movies even if I have not acted in theater or in any serial or in any movie at anytime. – please reply and I am not in a position to pay for any fees or any sort of amount to get the roles

  47. Sir I want to give an audition for acting in Bollywood movies please help me with this issue my age 15 please

  48. Rahul yeshoda hedau

    I am writer sir mai story likhta hu mujhe ek mauka chahiye apni story sunane ka

  49. Jeet Nath Roy

    Sir, I will not request you please give me a chance or i love acting … but i will request to suggest me if i will join acting couses in mumbai after my job time at evening is it correct for me ? because my family economic condition is bad so it is my wish that i will work hard for gain my goal by part time job and acting course. I am the student of class 12 . I will give h.s examination in west Bengal board 2020. After class 12 i will complete and then search for job in mumbai and join acting courses . I do not want that any pepole say to me with out my help you don’t gain your’ s aim . sir please give me some suggestions it is my earnest request to you 🙏😢😢..

  50. Hi, I am 18 and for the first time, I saw Salman khan, sir, one time in my life so I hope that I get the chance one more time to see him and I always dream to become like him so plz plz give me a chance to show ho and way I doing this and I don’t want to feel like that all my hard work in my lifetime was just waste of time and I am an afghani and I live in Sweden so plz help me to make my dream real.

  51. Zahir khan

    Bas kisi ko dekh kar shayar ho gaya hu

  52. Sagar

    I do not want to be an actor I want to be an influencer. 99.9% people are working in Bollywood industry only for money. Create a new thoughts I think in every movie must have a moral for the other people. And if I get chance to work into Bollywood then I would like to influence the people by my acting and with my hardwork.

  53. Ramu Kumar

    I am Ramu , I want to become a actor,
    Please give me one chance,i am really good act on commdy , dancing. So, please give me one chance on action.

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  55. Ravikumar.Datti

    Sir,I want to became an actor,I proved what I, please give me one chance

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    Hello sir/ma’am,
    I’m richa and i’m 15 years old i want to became an actress . I’m from south delhi pls give me chance to join bollywood


    Hello sir,
    I am Sai chetan Patel,I want to enter in the film industry and you can just check my talent.
    Sir,I request you to join me

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    Hlo sir/mam , myself kajal from karimnagar my childhood aim is to become Bollywood actress so please give me a chance to join in Bollywood

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    I want be megastar world biggest moviestar in the world like shah Rukh Khan

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    Dear sir/mam My self MOHINI I want to become an actress in bollywood I fill form also plz…
    Sir/mam I request you give me one chance

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    sir I’m good in dance and in acting skills also I good I can work hard and I want to become an actor sir my wish is to become a actor

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    Hiii… I am from bhutan I m 18 respected sir or madam I want to act in Bollywood movie
    What kind of personality do i need

  63. Tejsav Narula

    Sir I am fit as right as rain give me a chance

  64. AYUSHI

    I’m ayushi i wanana be a tv actress my parents never support me for this field but I’m quite sure 1 day I’ll make my parent know i can also do it i got a contract on boj puri film but my mom regret it I’m quite ok with ur thought nd u make my mind blow let the world say ehat they want 1 day ill prove them i love acting and dancing too. Just waiting for i can do if I’ll start doing from now i m sure my hardwork can achieve my goals❤❤👊

  65. Sounak Kalsa

    Hello sir/mam,
    My name is Sounak. My hight is 5.3ft and I’m 16 years old. I want to become a best actor. I’ll try with my best. I never go any dance class but I am a singer. Please sir , It’s my humble request.

  66. Lameck Talemwa Kenan

    Have you ever thought of having a black face in your movies, if yes here i am, and i am very good actor with a very well built body.

  67. Min

    Mein vaada Pura karta hu…Ek din Mein zaroor Mumbai Ayega For My career

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    Please give me one chance i can do acting. Please mam.. i am on taka tak id chanchal.18🔥🔥🔥

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    but I am a YouTuber also. still, I am

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    Iam 40 tests old well experiance
    Actor just try me ill be another
    Khan mansoor khan

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    tu pahila english sudhar re baba tera

    tera bohot v
    wandha hai re

    areeeeeee tu ja reeeeey

    kya actor banega tu

    aur ek bat tu adamii hai baii pahila batta

    nikal pahileee fursat me nikkal

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    Sir my name is Raj and I am 14 year old and my dream is make a actor so please chance me please

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    sir i’m seriously been inspired by the actor and actress i’m much good and better at acting,as i also singing and dancing i’m not linig sir plz give me a chance to act sir plz…plz..plz sir..

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    Hello!! Sir,, I want to become actress
    I have the talent
    I’m just 16teen year
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    Sir I am Abel Placid my age :15 I LIKE TO ACT and I LOVE Acting Sir I know if I put this message you will never admit me
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    Hi my name is Micheal Ezekiel Misa from Nigeria, West Africa i would like to join the Bollywood Industry
    Cos i love to be an Actor it has been my Dreams and passion, if this opportunity can be granted to me i would really be the most grateful person ever on earth.

  79. Muntaj Khan

    I want to tell my past life story in Bollywood ,( but who.) it’s like film Tere naam but little change ,I think it we’ll be a big film as Tere naam 2 . it’s start from school, when I was in 7th standard ,in 2002 and no end still number 9172311749.

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    Hi sir/ma
    My name is Muhammed, I might be from Nigeria but Indian is in my blood
    I would like you to give me a chance to prove myself and trust me sir, you will never regret
    Learning a language is not a problem for me and I am ready to learn and bring your name to history
    A chance will convince you sir and I promise on my mother to never let you down
    Let’s break the world record sir as the first Nigerian to act an Indian movie and I believe your name will be glorious
    Looking forward to your positive response sir
    Jai hind sir 🙏🙏🙏

  81. Muhammed Adeshina Arjun

    I got my inspirations from different actors like Ajith Kumar, Ashkay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Thalapathy Vijay, Salman Khan, Prahabs, Tiger shroff and the likes of the actress like Shraddha Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Pooja Hedge, Deeptika Pandukone, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, kareena Kapoor, Rakul Preet
    Please sir, a trial will convince you
    I want to keep the Indian flag soaring higher

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    Good day sir am Juliet from African,I want to be an actress,please help me

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    Actually sir I am also interested in this field. I know it’s not easy then to I am ready to struggle for my future. I’m just 14 years old . Yes, but still I want to have a experience in this field.

    Plzz .look for me

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    Hello dear sir/madam, my name is Andreea and i am from Europe, i speak fluently hindi and i wish to get on bollywood to meet my favourite actors and actress.

    Kind regards

    • Faridat

      Am interested in acting sir and that is my beloved mom biggest dream in life

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    I’m sarmankanth Sarma from srilanka home town india I’m wait for the opportunity film industry please help me thanks you

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    I make siger for india pleas sir my help you

  88. Neha Rathor

    I make siger for india pleas sir my help you so thank you help me


      Hello sir. I am BHANU age 22 years old . I’m in srilanka so I like indian Bollywood so can i attend as a Bollywood actress. one chance pls. Thanku😊


    Please give me one chance. I try to best my life. You interested me so call to me on this number 9760659546 please

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    Comment:i want to became an indian actress

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    I go to dance class i know some Basic steps of top rock ground rock I also very interested in acting . It is my wish that to become an actor of bollywood
    If I get chance to do i will try to give my best in every work
    I do hard
    And I will try my best
    Thank you❤

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    please give me on chance in bollywood

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    I got a question that if there is any chance someone from any other country would be able to become an actor in India?

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    Hi film keeday, my name is mythili dheemahi and I am 13 years old .In logon ki tarah mai bi ek acchi actress ban na chahti hu bollywood pe, to tumko meri baat acchi lagte to mujhe contact karo. I wanna tell you one thing actually, I am from South anyways i am learning hindi for my beautiful career.
    Thank you🌹

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    Sir my hobby is Bollywood actor please all plus me

  97. ………………..?@ every one want’s to become a actor but no one saying that yes i work on those things will told by bansal ji and try my best. All the people want all things happen good in there own life. I appreciate them all.bansal ji mentioned in there article’s last 3 or 4 lines how difficulty’s and hard work behind an actor’s life.
    If any one embarrassed by me so please ignore this. Take it positive

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    I am good in acting,dancing
    I have 1 question
    That can I join Bollywood movies my learning acting from Nepal please I’m really confused about it?🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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      Hi i am sana aaryan i wanna to become a best actor in india like@tiger shroff @siddharth nigam.
      I wanna to become this type actor.

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    I am 14 years old and I want to become a Bollywood actress but I am not in India i am in Nigeria please please please an please help me sir

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  108. Khudobakhsh Qayumov

    Hi everyone my name is Khudobakhsh from Tajikistan but have been leaving in dubai for the past 3 years I am able to speak 5 different languages
    English Fluent
    Indian fluent
    Uzbek mother’s language
    Tajik father’s language
    Russian second language
    Iranian fluent
    I m 21 years old and really want to be film star to read your description I got for myself that I have all abilities if possible show me the way how to start give me one chance for sure inshaalloh I will not let down u

  109. Khudobakhsh Qayumov

    Hi everyone my name is Khudobakhsh from Tajikistan but have been leaving in dubai for the past 3 years I am able to speak 5 different languages
    English Fluent
    Indian fluent
    Uzbek mother’s language
    Tajik father’s language
    Russian second language
    Iranian fluent
    I m 21 years old and really want to be film star to read your description I got for myself that I have all abilities if possible show me the way how to start give me one chance for sure I will not let down u

  110. Aman Khan

    Hii…my biggest dream is to become a Bollywood actor …and become the king of Bollywood..its my passion to act…I can do any roles …being taking parts in plays in school etc ..also singing I love doing it ..I’m a big fan of Bollywood…will really appreciate if you guys accept me and at least try my out once…thank you soo much

  111. Shaik Shaheen

    Hii sir my name Shaheen. Is am interested in acting sir.I am female.I am form Anantapur,Andhra Pradesh.

  112. Mohamed Jazal

    Hi sir,
    i am 16 year old boy,my favourite actor is Hrithik roshan.I know dance and i am sure that i am having good skills in acting.So if u give me a chance i will surely do my best.

  113. Faridat

    Am interesting in acting sir and that is my biggest dream in life

  114. Bridget Gift

    hi Sir,
    my name is Bridget Gift a 14 year old female. I am really interested in Bollywood and it is my dream to become an actress in Bollywood. please give me a chance to fulfill it in this life time

  115. Bridget Gift

    Sir, I also know nowadays everyone wants to become actors and actresses in Bollywood but that’s not the case with me. I have the talent and the passion please give me a chance.

  116. Bridget Gift

    hi sir,
    I just wanted to ask Is Bollywood for Indians only

  117. Satya Prakash

    I am 15 year’s old i want act in one film give me chance

  118. Christopher Sunday

    Hi sir! Am Christopher Sunday, I’m 19 years, am interested ln acting and dancing, that’s my talent. Please I just need a opportunity to show what am capable of when you t come to acting and dancing and I’ll definitely do my best at all cost. Thank you!!!

  119. George Lalchhandama

    yes i want to entry an actor in bollywood

  120. Parwez ali star

    I can do it I love acting and dancing

  121. Parwez ali star

    Hi sir I’m 12 year old boy parwez ali star my favourite actor is salman khan and favourite singer is bprak so I give me a chance I will surely do my best

  122. Mohsin Jamil khan

    Hello everyone. Basically I am a doctor my age is 31 and I want to join India film industry. Here I can’t share my pictures coz no option my simple look will be batter for the one who is responsible to choose. I need an official e mail to contact the industry.

  123. Raj Kumar Mura

    Hi, Sir. My name is Raj Kumar Mura, I live in Durgapur, West Bengal. Sir, I have only one question to ask you.
    Sir, what should be my very first step to get into the industry, when I complete every course or class related to it?
    Sir, I don’t fear failure. But I have the confidence to get into that industry. Even sir I am not daydreaming. I am talking about my true potential. So, please answer my question. Because, I am at the beginning stage, and I need your help. I know getting into the film industry is hard like looking for a needle in a desert. But, I have confidence in my path to being an “Actor” in the BOLLYWOOD. India must grow.