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15 Romantic Hollywood Movies for Valentine’s Day 2022

It is February 2022, the month of celebrating love and painting the whole world in the colors of Love and romance. People buy gifts, plan...
Aamir khan as a Girl

Top 10 Male Bollywood Actors In Females Roles and Costumes

There was a time when males used to use Dupattas to cover and enjoy ladies Sangeet, soon it became a part of Bollywood too. Bollywood...
ram gopal varma ki aag

Top 5 Flop Bollywood Remakes of Super Hit Hindi Movies

What is it with a remake of old Bollywood movies? Don’t they find good stories or are they tired of getting inspired by Hollywood, Kollywood,...
suspense thriller

Top 12 Bollywood Actresses in Negative Role (Shocking List)

There was a time when actresses hesitated to portray negative roles as they feared they might lose their fans and won’t get lead roles easily...
Queen kangna ranaut film best film on woman centric issues

17 Best Women Centric films of Bollywood Shows Women’s Situation

Bollywood movies have always been inspiring our country and the youth. We all know that this is a man-made world and women are not given...
ocean eleven hollywood movies on heist and robbery

22 Best Hollywood Heist Movies of all Time for Thrill and Suspense

Hollywood Movies are made with that perfection that even when a robbery is shown, the people watching it gets amazed by the thought process of...

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