Shree 420 Review : Bollywood Classic of 1955

Shree 420 is a classical movie of Raj Kapoor. We have tried to refresh your memories about the movie and those who have missed this classical legendary movie, must read this to know what have they missed.

Star Cast of Shree 420

Nargis as Vidya

Raj Kapoor as Ranbir Raj

Lalita Pawar as Ganga Mai

Nadira as Maya

Nemo as Seth Sonachand Dharmanand

Iftekhar as Police Inspector (cameo)

Other Details

Directed by

Raj Kapoor

Produced by

Raj Kapoor

Written by

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas

V.P. Sathe

Music by


Editing by

G.G. Mayekar

Release date 

6 September 1955

Running time 168 min

Why Should I watch Shree 420

Shree 420 Review Raj Kapoor

Shree 420 was made in 1955, but even today every common man who visits Mumbai for work can relate himself and his miseries to Raju of the movie. This is a classic piece of entertainment.

Shree 420 shows the differences between Poor and Rich in big cities like Mumbai, where people look at what you are wearing, how you live your life.

Every song of this movie is evergreen. No matter how many years pass by, no matter how many generations come, no matter how many musical blockbusters come and go. Music of Shree 420 was, is and will always bememorable and the most melodious, Songs like Pyar Hua Ikrar hua and Mera Joota hai Japani are still very popular.

Character of Raj Kapoor was highly inspired from the Great Charlie chaplin.

Raj Kapoor, isn’t this name the biggest reason to go and watch this classical movie?

At the end Raj kapoor justify the title of the movie they are not 420 they are shree 420 because they are rich live in a high society and earning by fooling people. (Section 420 of Indian Law related to Fraud )

Shree 420 Complete Story

The story is about a Simple Boy Ranbir Raj (Raj or Raju) who travels to Bombay (now Mumbai) in search of Work. The Movie depicts how big cities treat new people and the way they are forced to suffer for even a simple life to live.

Shree 420 Hindi Movie ReviewThe story moves ahead and Ranbir Raj meets a girl Vidya. Vidya is the daughter of an old school teacher who owns a small school. Vidya like her father teaches poor kids of slums in the school they own. Soon, Vidya and Ranbir Raju fell in love with each other. Vidya likes the honesty and simplicity of Ranbir Raj (Raju). The love between them blooms and they start dreaming of their future together. Ranbir Raj gets a job at the laundry and he starts working, so he can give vidya a better future.

Once, Ranbir Raju has to deliver an order in a hotel room, there he meets Maya. Raju while waiting for Maya, starts playing cards alone that were kept on the table. Maya founds Ranbir Raju playing cards impressively, she makes a plan and forcefully takes innocent ranbir raju to a party. Maya then forces Ranbir Raju to gamble and win for her. Innocent Ranbir Raju gets scared of Maya and plays.  He wins almost 20,000 Rs that night for Maya. Maya betrays Raju and takes away all the money he won at the gambling after giving him mere 10rs. He realizes that day, that his innocence, simplicity and honesty will not work in the big city like Bombay and people will misuse him.

Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand, the man whom Raju had beated in gambing, contacts him and offers him  partnership for all him future gambling and cons. Raju agrees and start conning people with his brilliant mind and tricks by creating bogus companies and becomes Rajkumar.

When Vidya gets to know that his love Raju has become Rajkumar a con, decides to move out from his life. Raju soon after losing Vidya realizes that money is not everything. Raju wants to come back to his normal life but Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand has another plans. He traps Raju by using his name in another big Con planned by him.

Sona Chand Dharmanand, collects 100 rs each for a home in Bombay from the poor people under a scheme on the name of Raju. Poor people, who trust Raju, give the money without even thinking twice. Raju when gets to know about this scam, goes and fights with Sona Chand Dharmanand . Sona Chand Dharmanand  threatens Raju, that if he didn’t help him in this con, he will get him arrested by putting all the blame on him. Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand and his partners in crime after collecting 1crore rupees plans to make Raju leave Bombay so that they can put all the blame of scams on Raju.

Maya come back in the story her, she informs Raju about the plan of Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand and suggests him that they both should elope with al the money. Raju gets all the money and is eloping when Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand shoots Raju. Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand shoots all the 6 bullets to raju and he fells flat on the ground. The crowd gathers outside the house of Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand and finds Raju dead. Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand calls the police to put all the blame on Raju that he was trying to elope with all the money of the poor people.

But here the story takes a twisting turn when Raju gets up and tells the real story of who was conning the poor people. If you are thinking about the bullets that were shot by Seth Sona Chand Dharmanand and how come Raju is still alive! Did police and poor people believed Raju’s real story? Watch this evergreen movie now, it’s a must watch for everyone!

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