15 Best Hollywood Movies on Ships or Ship Journey like Titanic

Hollywood always present us with amazing story and movies based on everything that you can possibly imagine. Right from sports to romance to movies on seas and ships.

Who doesn’t love to travel on sea or cruise but not all can do it whenever they want so people like to entertain themselves with watching movies on sea or ships or ship journey.

As fun it may seem, it actually isn’t easy to depict it on screen but there are some Great Hollywood movies about ships and ship journey depicting the enthralling beauty of the sea or ships without actually taking anything away from the story. Don’t you think that’s a mammoth task to achieve? Some of these Hollywood movies weren’t even actually filmed on ships and you would have never even guessed it!

So here we have listed down some of the Best Hollywood movies on ships or ship journey that will blow your mind!

List of Best Hollywood Movies on Ships


titanic full movie

One of the most popular and loved movies of all time, Titanic can be a bit predictable band you will probably guess the ending of the movie but the effects given will make you feel like you are present there on the ship. It’s truly an amazing masterpiece if we talk about the cinematography and VFX. And you can already guess what lengths the producers went to shoot the movie as the ship was so important to be put as the title of the film. The team worked hard and built the replica of the ship right from the scratch. And after watching it you are surely going to hum Celine Deion’s theme song for days. You just can’t talk about the best Hollywood movies on ships or ship journey without mentioning this movie in the list.


Triangle 2009 film mind bending films of all time

Triangle is among the most successful movies of the thriller genre of all time. It stars Liam Hemsworth as Victor and Melissa George as Jess. The surprising thing is, despite being from 2009, it is still popular. It’s about a few passengers of a yacht who get troubled by the weather in the Atlantic Ocean and jump to another ship to save themselves, only to invite more trouble. Triangle is one of the Best Mind-Bending Movies of All The Time.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2 Cruise Control best movies about ships and ship journey

Jan de Bont came out directing this amazing movie, in the year 1997 and made a great crossover in the collections it achieved. The story is based on Characters by Graham Yost. It’s all about a girl named Annie who’s cruising with her policeman boyfriend, Alex, but they find themselves in trouble because of a madman Giger.

Pirates of Caribbean Series

Pirates of Caribbean Series

Pirates of the Caribbean is a very successful movie series by Disney’s franchise of movies. It is based on Walt Disney’s theme park ride with the same name. The movie has a great reception and fanbase. The main starters include Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, etc. The movies follow the adventures of Jhonny Deep as Captain Jack Sparrow and take place in a fictional historical setting; a world that is ruled by the East India Trading Company, the British Empire, and the Spanish Empire, with pirates depicting the freedom from the people ruling.

Life of Pi

life of Pi 3D film effects

The Academy Award-winning movie has a different approach to look things. He (Pi Patel) after the loss of his ship, is stuck with a Royal Bengal Tiger on a lifeboat, with a hyena and an orangutan, but eventually all die, except Pi Patel and the tiger. It stars Irfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Tabu, etc. It was among the best movies released in 2012.

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Dead Calm

Dead Calm best movies about ship and boats

A movie of the year 1989, and still soaring through the best movies of the thriller genre, directed by Philip Noyce. It gained a good critical response and made it to the highest grossing movie of its time. Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane play the main characters in the movie. The plot of the movie basically focuses on Kidman and Neill, the married couple who were sailing through the Pacific on a yacht. While sailing they met a distraught man named Zane in a damaged boat. The couple decided to investigate and help that lead them into danger.


shark attack movie Jaws 1975

This is not for the faint-hearted because the movie has a lot of scenes where there is rough aggression of sharks, by using their jaws. The movie was directed by the legendary director Steven Spielberg and was released in the year 1975. It about a police chief,  an old seafarer and marine biologist form up a team and goes to the rescue the people of Amity island where a giant white shark have caused terror and destruction.


Poseidon best movies about ship and boats

Poseidon is a beautiful, luxurious cruise liner, which is crashed by a strong wave, turns it upside down, getting water in it, and the ship starts to sink. The people make different ways to survive in such a panic. It was first released in the Philippines in 2006. The movie was directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The lead roles were portrayed by Emmy Rossum and Kurt Russell.