Jai Ho 2014 Movie Full Review- Story and Verdict

[checklist][/checklist]Jai Ho is a typical Salman Khan Movie. The movie is an official remake of Stalin, a Telugu film starring Chiranjeevi. Salman Khan and his charisma are enough to give any movie a new flavor. The movie, Jai Ho is quite close to Salman Khan as he himself has been a part of creating the poster for the movie. Salman Khan has been promoting the movie himself on various platforms. The domestic and overseas theatrical rights of, Salman Khan’s Jai Ho have been sold for 110 crores, reportedly.

Jai Ho Movie Star Cast

Actors: Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Sana Khan, Tabu and Suniel Shetty
Producer: Sohail Khan, Sunil Lulla
: Sohail Khan
Music: Sajid-Wajid, Devi Sri Prasad, Amal Malik and Sandeep Shirodkar

What I feel about Jai Ho Movie

jai ho

Salman Khan’s charisma is in every bit of Jai Ho. Although the movie is a remake, but while watching Jai Ho you won’t feel that. The action packed scenes and Salman Khan’s body will bring chills down your spine once again. Daisy Shah is playing the lead and is new to movies. Daisy Shah has been associated with movies and has worked as a backstage dancer. Daisy has also worked as an assistant Choreographer to Ganesh Acharya. I won’t say Daisy has done a marvelous job, but is satisfactory. She could have been better.

Is the movie only good for Salman fans?

The movie apart from Salman Khan has got many things which you will love. The story of the movie is good. It’s not a must watch movie for everyone, but yes It is must watch movie for every Salman Khan fan. If you are not a Salman Khan fan, you may skip the movie but if you go and watch the movie you won’t regret.

Jai Ho Movie Story

The story of the movie is about a common man Jai Agnihotri, an ex-army major. He is upset about the condition of the country and how the corruption and evils are taking over. He starts a campaign to make the country a better place to live, he fights with all evil and odds to give a ray of Goodness to the country. The campaign’s mantra is to help at least 3 people who need help and these 3 people will help 3 other people who need help. Jai Agnihotri wants to build a strong chain of common man helping each other so they can get help when they want.

But the path of righteousness is not an easy one, he has to face hurdles and fight all odds coming his way.

Jai Ho Movie Verdict                                                   

With Salman Khan and his action and romance scenes in the movie, there is no point even thinking if the movie can or cannot make it at the box office. Salman Khan is a brand and has a crazy fan following. These crazy fans love every bit of Salman Khan and they are definitely going to love Jai Ho. The movie is going to make an easy way to the 100 crore club. We will have to wait and watch how many Crore clubs does Jai Ho join.

Filmy Keeday Jai Ho Movie Rating

2.5 Stars

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