Animal Film Review: A Must watch for all Fathers

The movie Animal has been released, captivating audiences in cinema halls and multiplexes. It marks the biggest opening for Ranbir Kapoor and has shattered several records.

On its first day, Animal earned over 100 crores worldwide and continues to perform robustly on weekends, setting the stage for it to reach a 300-crore milestone within a weekend, an exceptional feat for Ranbir Kapoor.

Despite clashing with Sam Bahadur, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal remarkably achieved a 100-crore mark in a single day. Undoubtedly, credit for this achievement belongs to the director and the talented actors involved in the film.

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Story of Animal

The movie depicts the story of a boy who has endured neglect from his father throughout his life. Nevertheless, he maintains deep affection for his father and takes extraordinary measures to prove his love, so it is a Hindi film about Father Son Relations.

The film portrays businessman Balbir Singh (Anil Kapoor), who owns a steel business and holds the title of the richest man in India. His son, Ranvijay Singh (Ranbir Kapoor), is hot-headed and aggressive, willing to go to any lengths to protect his family, as depicted in the first half of the film.

In an attempt to safeguard his sister from troublemakers, he resorts to bringing an AK-47 to her college and intimidating the students. Consequently, his father enrolls him in a boarding school to instill discipline. There are some great Dialogues in Animal in the first half of the film.

Despite these events, Ranvijay’s love for his father persists. However, upon his return, his brother-in-law becomes his father’s favorite. He advises Geethanjali (Rashmika Mandana) to marry an alpha male, expressing his feelings for her. She reciprocates, breaking off her engagement. Ranvijay’s father rejects her, leading him to move to the US with her.

Animal Film Review

When his father is shot, Ranvijay returns and discovers that some family members were behind the attempt on his father’s life. Taking charge, he makes every effort to protect him, resulting in intense and violent sequences, including numerous killings and brutal acts with an axe.

The first half of the film is remarkable, showcasing some of the finest action scenes in Hindi cinema. However, the second half lags and falls short of expectations, with a storyline stretched by unnecessary scenes. A significant flaw is the belated introduction of Bobby Deol’s character, almost as a cameo rather than a substantial role, appearing towards the film’s conclusion.

Tripti Dimri’s character was not needed in the film, I feel it was only to show some intimate scenes.


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In terms of acting, this stands as one of Ranbir Kapoor’s finest performances. His portrayal of Ranvijay surpasses expectations, especially considering his previous roles in romantic films. Undoubtedly, he is poised to become a major superstar in Hindi cinema, potentially succeeding the Khans.

While I previously held reservations about Rashmika Mandana’s acting abilities, considering her roles were largely due to her charm, this film proved me wrong. She delivered a fantastic performance, showcasing remarkable talent that rivaled Ranbir Kapoor in certain scenes.

Anil Kapoor delivers a brilliant performance as always. Bobby Deol’s character was impressive, yet limited screen time hindered exploring the depth of his role. A small cameo by famous Marathi actor Upendra Limaye was very good. Overall, the actors gave their best performances,

Music of Animal

Regarding the film’s music, the songs are good, Arjan Vailly Song gives you goosebumps, though some feel unnecessary. The background music is exceptional, adding fire to the action sequences and making them worth every penny.

Final Verdict for Animal

Animal film climax shares the whole reason why Ranvijay is violent and so brutal, and that is the must-watch part of the film, It is a must-watch for all fathers, how bad parenting can ruin your kid’s life, there is a subtle message for all of us, don’t run after money, spend time with your family, your family needs you too, not only your money.

The language used in the film, and the way Sandeep Reddy Vanga portrays male characters can hurt many people and may offend some, it does glorify the bad things in the film, when you watch this film in the cinema, you will find people enjoying, so It may influence the kids, that’s why A certificate was needed.

Our Rating for Animal: 3.5/5

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