Angoor Movie Comedy of ErrorsStar Cast

Sanjeev Kumar as Ashok R. Tilak (Double Role)

Deven Verma as Bahadur (Double Role)

Moushmi Chatterjee as Sudha, Ashok’s Wife

Deepti Naval as Tanu, Sudha’s Sister

Aruna Irani as Prema, Bahadur’s wife

Yunus Parvez as Mansoor Miyan, Chedilal’s Worker

C. S. Dubey as Chedilal, Jeweller

T.P. Jain as Ganeshilal, Diamond Merchant

Padma Chavan as Alka, Ashok’s Friend

Ram Mohan as Taxi Driver

Shammi as Ashok’s Mother

Utpal Dutt as Raj Tilak, Ashok’s Father

Col. Trilok Kapoor as Inspector Sinha

Angoor- The Evergreen Comedy Movie

Indian classical comedy movies are really awesome as they are pure comedy. With the simplicity and good timings of comic events these movies have made a mark and are still fresh in the memories of the viewers. The old comedy movies were full of humor, comedy and comic events without the need of any slang words, abusive words or double meaning dialogues to force laughter. The comedy movies of today cannot be seen with family or kids, but there was a time when clean comedy family movies were made and Angoor is one of them.

The movie, Angoor is based on the play of Shakespeare, “ The Comedy of errors”.

Story of the Movie, Angoor

The movie is about Raj Tilak (Utpal Dutt) and his family. Raj Tilak has identical twins whom he calls Ashok(Sanjeev Kumar). Yes, both the twins are named Ashok. One day Raj Tilak is on his way with his wife and kids, in the mid way Raj TIlak found another pair of identical twins whom he adopts and names Bahadur(Deven Verma). Yes, once again both the twins are named same, Bahadur. The destiny plays its game and an unfortunate accident divides the family. The family gets divided like this, both the parents have one kid out of each pair, so the mother has one Ashok and one Bahadur and the father has one Ashok and one Bahadur.

One Ashok is married to Sudha (Moushmi Chatterjee) and Bahadur is married to Prema (Aruna Irani).

And the other Ashok is a Detective novel lover and Bahadur is a Bhaang addict. (Bhaang is Indian concoction having Marijuana)

The destiny again plays it game, and both the twin pairs in one city. The two pairs of twins with same faces and same names altogether with all other characters makes you laugh hysterically with so many events and confusions going around.

Why is Angoor a Must Watch Movie?

Angoor is a light comedy film with lots of fun elements and drama. Angoor is a complete family entertainer which you can watch with your whole family and have a good fun time. Making a hysterical movie with so many comic events, confusions and double role was a tough task. But the movie Angoor is one of its kind, Most of the double role movies of current time are inspired from the old classical comedy movie, Angoor.

What makes the movie Angoor more special is the star cast. Every character of the movie is well carved and has done full justice with their respective characters. The main lead, Sanjeev Kapoor and Deven Verma has performed brilliantly. Deven Sharma has done a marvelous job with his impeccable expressions that are unforgettable. On the whole, Angoor is a must watch evergreen comedy movie.

Awards and Nomination

Filmfare Awards
Won: Best Comedian – Deven Verma
Nominated: Best Actor – Sanjeev Kumar

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