Ghanchakkar Movie Review

Ghanchakkar Star Cast :

Emraan Hashmi as Sanjay Athray

Vidya Balan as Neetu Athray

Rajesh Sharma as pandit

Namita Das as Idris

Amar Kaushikj as Stud Hussain

Sanjay Dutt in Special Appearance


Ghanchakkar is a comedy thriller movie directed by Rajkumar Gupta. When you have Emraan Hashmi in the movie, how can you not expect lip locks?? Emran and Vidya play Husband and wife and you have few steamy scenes to keep you hooked up and tickle your libido. The movie is about Sanju (Emraan) a master safe cracker, who before leaving his career of crimes decides to commit one last heist with two dangerous criminals. A bank robbery !!!!!!

What I feel:

Besides the Plot of the movie is very old, Ghanchakkar somehow manages a crazy roller coaster suspense ride for audiences. Every turn in the movie is full of shocks and surprises. After second half, the movie becomes lazy, and repetitive. It’s a mixed bag, some people may like it and some may hate it.

The acting skills of Vidya and Emraan tries to hold the movie altogether. Emraan has justified his character very well and needless to say anything about Vidya, she is perfect in every role. Supporting actors Namita and Rajesh have complimented the duo amazingly.

ghanchakkar movie post review


The story is about a Lazy man who is a master safe cracker and loves his TV more than his wife. He wants to end the life of a criminal and decides to go for one last robbery. Emraan teams up with two people and they all together plan to rob a bank, which surprisingly goes according to plan. The problem arises when Sanju who has been given the task of hiding money, refuses to recognize his partners in crime due to Amnesia.

Vidya plays the role of a Punjabi wife, her Punjabi accent and her fashion style in the movie is very funny. Her “minute is mint”, “bharosa is bhrosa” and “galat is galt”. Vidya Balan with her prominent acting skills steals the show.


Despite the fact, that Vidya and Emraan have done a commendable job in the movie, the movie lacks a lot of things. It has humor, but not to the point. It has steamy scenes but they aren’t that effective. On the whole the movie is good but not very good. It could have been much better and might be said perfect. Somehow the movie manages to hold the audiences to its seat.

With Raanjhanaa going great on screens, It is going to be tough for Ghanchakkar to collect good Box-Office collections.

FilmyKeeday Rating: 2 stars

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