Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the queen of the United Kingdom, she has appeared in several TV Shows and Movies, and her life is shared in different movies.

Although These characters are not played by the Queen herself, these are the films featuring Queen Elizabeth II. Films on England’s Queen are not many, but you will find plenty of documentary films on the Journey of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth is now 96 years of age, and still, she is working and attending functions and events.

List of Movies/Web Series about Queen Elizabeth 2

The Crown (2016-)

The Crown Web Series on Queen Elizabeth
The Crown Web Series on Queen Elizabeth 2nd

The Crown is a Netflix Web series about the Royal family, it starts with the end of world war 2 in 1947 when Queen marries the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. The Crown shares one of the most detailed stories about the life of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. If you want to learn about the queen in detail, then this show is a must-watch for you, it is available on Netflix in multiple languages.

The Queen (2006)

The queen film on Queen elizabeth
The queen film on Queen Elizabeth

The film was directed by Stephen Frears and written by Peter Morgan, it stars Helen Mirren in the crown role of Queen Elizabeth II. The film shares the events of the death of Princess Diana and what happens in the Royal family after the death.

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

killer queen in johnny english reborn scene

Johnny English Reborn is a British spy comedy film starring Rowan Atkinson in the lead role. The film is not basically about the Queen but it features the Queen at the climax of the film, to avoid the spoilers we are not sharing the story of the film, but you can watch the comedy film of our famous Mr. Bean. It was a Spy comedy so you will enjoy it with your family.

83 (2021)

Queen Elizabeth in 83 Indian film
Queen Elizabeth in 83 Indian film

83 is an Indian film based on Cricket starring Ranveer Singh and several other actors in the lead roles, it is based on the real-life story of the Indian Cricket team in 1983 when they won the Cricket world cup. This films also feature queen Elisabeth 2 in one of the scenes, when they get to meet her during an official ceremony.

A Royal Night Out (2015)

A Royal Night Out starring Queen Elizabeth 2nd

The film stars Sarah Gadon as the teenage Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret (Bel Powley). The story of the film is quite simple both of them try to venture outside the Buckingham palace to avoid the royal ceremonies and events. They want to enjoy a Night without the restriction of the Royal family. A Royal Night Out is a comedy film, so you can watch it.

The Royal house of Windsor (2017)

The Royal house of Windsor starring Queen Elizabeth 2nd

TRHOW is a Documentary about the royal house, it shows the changes in the Royal family after world war 1, The Documentary is made from the real footage and interviews of the people related to the Royal family of the United Kingdom. It shares the life of all the Members of the Royal family including Queen Elisabeth 2.

Our Queen at War (2020)

Our Queen at War

The Documentary Our Queen at war shares the life of Queen Elizabeth II, when she was a teenager, how she worked in the world war and her progress which leads her to the queen of the UK. You can say the war made her the Queen, to understand these words, you need to watch this documentary drama.

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Her Majesty (2001)

Her Majesty film on queen elizabeth 2nd

The film is the story of Elizabeth Wakefield, she lives in New Zealand, she wants to meet Queen Elizabeth 2, she idolizes her and she wants her to stop at her village. But the village where she lives belongs to Maori People and they are not happy with the white people, so the film is all about how she meets the Queen of England.

There are plenty of documentaries and films made on the Royal Family, and most of them feature the Queen, but we can not mention all the Films, Web Series, and documentaries on Queen Elizabeth II.