Mirzapur Best TV Shows from Amazon

12 Best Amazon Prime Hindi Web Series For Indian Audience

With another extension to the lockdown and not a lot to do on our plates, we bring to you a curated list of top web...
Mahabharat 2013

Mahabharat 2013 First Review : Everything is Positive till Now

After lots of rejection of Mahabharat series finally people are accepting new Mahabharat on Star Plus, there are many flop versions of Mahabharat before, audience still wants...
Scam 1992 best web series in India on Sony Liv

11 Best Hindi Web Series on Platforms other than Netflix or Amazon Prime

With the advancement of technology, modes of entertainment underwent a lot of changes. Gone are the days when people only rely on Television to get...
ishq satrangi lgbtq drama

Ishq Satrangi Review: Cliched Romcom to an Intense LGBTQ Drama

The writer of Ishq Satrangi, Manawz Ashodia, whatever that name means, seems very confused here. He’s struggling constantly. Its a cheesy Bollywood romance vs the...

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