Top 10 Best Movies on Football/Soccer You Should Not Skip

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and somehow, it has been the subject of many great films ever since filmmaking became one of the most important sources of entertainment for the general public.

We have maintained a list of the best films from all over the world based on football, which is compiled below.

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Football and Soccer are the same thing; Americans call football Soccer. So we are sharing the list of all the Best Football Movies made in Britain and some other famous Football Movies from around the world.

The Damned United (Britain) (2009)

The Damned United best football movies ever
Best Film on Football by Britain

The Damned United is a British sports drama film that is centered around the rivalry between two coaches.

Brian Clough, our protagonist, has been chosen as the new coach of the Leeds team and is now under immense pressure to perform better than his predecessor.

However, he goes way too overboard with this and becomes harsh with his players, which eventually costs him his place as the team’s coach.

However, the immense drama the film takes the audience through is shown in a way that resonates very well with the audience.

Offside (Iran) (2006)

Offside iranian film best on Football (Panahi)
One of the Best Football Films of All Time

Director Jafar Panahi is known for his films that are too personal, too real, and too hard-hitting. These traits have put him on the list of the best contemporary directors of the present generation.

The offside film is a take on women’s football that has not been given attention in Iran. The film tells the story of a group of female Iranian football fans who want to watch a match live in the stadium, which is forbidden.

The film takes the audience into a highly patriarchal Iranian society and how the human spirit trumps all.

The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty (Germany) (1972)

The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty best football film

German cinema after the Second World War has evolved greatly in content.

While before, German films were mostly propaganda films, they have explored some new, greater content territories.

Directed by one of the greatest German directors of all times, Win Wenders, the film tells the story of a professional soccer player who checks into a hotel, sleeps with a cashier, and kills her afterward in a fit of impulsiveness.

This was one of the most successful German films of the year and one of the most internationally recognized films made by the director Win Wenders.

Goal! (Britain) (2005)

Goal 2005 best football film

Goal is yet another film from the United Kingdom that takes the love for the game of soccer to a whole new level.

The film tells the story of a lower middle-class boy who dreams of becoming a professional footballer. But his family has some needs and it is now up to him to choose between his family and his love for the game or to find something in the middle.

The plot may not be the freshest of all, but the film was a captivating drama that perfectly portrayed Santiago’s troubled state of mind.

When Saturday Comes (Britain) (1995)

When Saturday Comes best football film

When Saturday comes is one more entry in our list, which British films have somehow dominated.

Here comes one more entry, another masterpiece of a film. This time, the film tells the story of a very talented football player who struggles with his own demons.

He wants to be a top-notch footballer but is struggling with the habit of drinking. His girlfriend tries to help him but its all upto him in the end to quit drinking to take his game to another level and to become what he was destined to become.

Green Street (Britain-America) (2005)

Elijah Wood best football film green street holigans

Green Street happens to be one of the most experimental films on our list.

Telling the strange story about the fans of the game fighting each other off before and after each game, the film was an independent drama that scored many accolades at different film festivals.

Elijah Wood plays the lead role in the film as a young journalist who moves to England from America and gets stuck in the ‘football hooliganism’.

The moving drama is a hard-hitting examination of the strange culture prevalent in many parts of the United Kingdom.

The Game of Their Lives (USA) (2005)

The Game of Their Lives gerard butler football film

The Game of Their Lives is an American film based on the same book.

The film stars Gerard Butler in the lead role as a footballer in the American national football team. The story is set in the 50s when America was considered a major underdog when it came to football.

The film is a story of how a team goes against all odds and performs miracles on their own. The film is also known for being one of the best performances of actor Gerard Butler’s career.

Escape to Victory (USA) (1981)

Escape to Victory best football films ever

Escape to Victory is a film that is very hard to describe. Often described as one of the very few war sports dramas, it was set during the Second World War.

The story begins as some American soldiers are being held captive by the Nazis, and they have given up on the prospect of ever getting freedom. The Nazis agree to a football game to take place between the two teams, and the Americans have to plan their escape during the game itself.

The film received average reviews from the critics but was a box office smasher.

Now check out some Best Football Comedy Movies.

Shaolin Soccer (Hong Kong) (2001)

Shaolin Soccer best football movies list
Best of Hong Kong Cinema

We have saved the best one for the last. There arguably is no film on our list that is as entertaining as this one.

Written and directed by Stephen Chow, who also stars in the lead role, the film tells the story of a kung fu enthusiast who assembles a team of his childhood friends to win a local football tournament.

The wacky comedy film was highly layered with many other themes such as love, loyalty, friendship and drama. One of the most entertaining football films of all time, this film was one of the most successful films of the year in China.

Bend it Like Beckham (Britain) (2012)

Bend it Like Beckham best football film

Bend it like Beckham is a 2012 British family romantic comedy film directed by Gurinder Chadha, who is of Indian origin.

The film tells the story of a typical Indian family living in Britain. The daughter idolizes David Beckham, the English football star, and wants to become a footballer, but her parents are the biggest roadblock on her way to becoming a footballer.

They want her to learn how to cook and marry an Indian guy. The film perfectly tells the classic story of how honesty and hard work trump all.

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