10 Best Science Fiction Movies Available on Amazon Prime in Hindi

Amazon Prime is the most favored streaming platform in India for two basic reasons. One, it is quite feasible compared to its rival Netflix. Second, you can watch many Indian and foreign movies that are available to stream in different audio languages, hence negating the language barrier.

In India, there are over 200 million subscribers watching shows and movies on Amazon Prime covering 1/6th of the total population. Amazon understands India is a great market for the streaming industry but also identified the language barrier as the key challenge.

Today, they are several steps ahead of their competitors in this industry, specifically in the Indian market. Earlier a sci-fi enthusiast missed out on some amazing Hollywood movies because it was only available in English. Either the consumer had to wait for the Hindi-dubbed version to release in the theatre or hope it premiers on a TV channel soon.

Well, that’s not the case anymore!

Amazon Prime has a great collection of movies and series. With the multiple audio versions available, they have ticked the right areas to dominate the Indian market and attract the Indian audience.

Best Hindi-dubbed Sci-fi Movies on Amazon Prime

You can watch your favorite or latest sci-fi genre Hollywood movies in Hindi on Amazon Prime. With this new addition, you can also enjoy some amazing Hindi-dubbed Science Fiction Hollywood movies with the family on a big screen instead of solo.

Below is the list of the best Science Fiction Movies available on Prime in Hindi:

Tenet (2020)

Tenet best science fiction film
source : Amazon Prime Poster

Tenet is one of the recent Time Travel Films on Amazon Prime available in Hindi. The film also features Indian veteran actor Dimple Kapadia. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film is just another addition to his style of brilliant, yet complicated storyline weaved into a feature film. Nolan is already a household name for Indian sci-fi enthusiasts. Hence, releasing Tenet on Amazon Prime with a Hindi-dubbed version helped the platform reach a wider audience group than a normal Hollywood flick.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max fury road 2015
source : Amazon Prime

Directed by George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road is a reboot of the 80s Mad Max film series. Although the classic 3-film series became a cult favorite during its initial run in the 80s, the latest addition in the franchise Fury Road came after a gap of 30 years. The reboot version replaces Mel Gibson with Tom Hardy in the titular role of “Mad” Max Rockatansky. The film also features Charlize Theron as the female lead. If you missed out on the classic version, you could revisit the Mad Max universe with the 2015 Fury Road on Prime. It’s also available in Hindi.

I am Legend (2007)

I am Legend Zombie movie Hollywood
source: Poster Facebook

If you love the Zombie apocalypse concept in Hollywood movies, then here’s one more on this list. The 2007 film starring Will Smith in the lead role as Neville who is the only survivor besides nocturnal mutants after a virus infection wipes out all mankind in New York city. The film follows Neville as he tries to develop a cure while defending himself and his dog against the mutants. The film is a must-watch for Will Smith’s performance.   

The Tomorrow War (2021)

The Tomorrow War Best film on Prime in Hindi
source: Trailer

The one industry that has gained the most during this pandemic must be the Streaming industry. A prime example is the latest sci-fi addition to the Amazon Prime library – The Tomorrow War. Originally set for a theatrical release, the distribution rights were acquired by Amazon from Paramount Pictures for its worldwide release on Prime. Directed by Chris McKay, the film features Chris Pratt in the lead role. The film follows a group of soldiers and civilians sent into the future to fight an alien army to avoid human extinction. The Tomorrow War is one of the Best films on Alien Invasion.

Coma (2020)

coma 2020 film in hindi on prime
source : Amazon Prime

For a change, we have a Russian sci-fi film on this list. The 2020 film COMA is directed by Nikita Argunov. The film also becomes the 3rd film on this list featuring a dystopian era. Featuring Rinal Mukhametov in the lead role, the film follows a young architect who joins a rogue group of fighters in the dystopian world now known as COMA. The film is available on Amazon Prime with its Hindi-dubbed version.

Lucy (2014)

lucy science fiction film
source : Amazon Prime

Lucy is a 2014 French Sci-fi film directed by Luc Besson. The film follows Lucy, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, who gains psychokinetic abilities after a nootropic, psychedelic drug is absorbed into her bloodstream. Although the film’s plot failed to impress the critics, Lucy was a box office success for its theme, visuals, and Johansson’s brilliant performance. Log in to Amazon Prime now to watch Lucy in Hindi.

Inception (2010)

Inception best movie of Leonardo Dicaprio
source : Amazon Prime

No surprises there! Inception instilled confidence not only in Nolan but other filmmakers to try out magnificent but complicated storylines. The list would be incomplete without Inception when it’s available on Amazon Prime in Hindi. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Inception became the inspiration for Nolan to try out his future ventures like Interstellar and Tenet. Featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, the film explores the limits and capabilities of a subconscious mind. If you failed to understand the concept in English, you can always give it a shot in Hindi. Inception is one of the best Mind-Bending films of all The Time.

The Matrix Series (1999, 2003)

The Matrix best action film of HollywoodThe Matrix best action film of Hollywood
source : Amazon Prime

The Matrix film series is one of the most cherished and popular film franchises of all time. The franchise achieved cult status instantly after the release of the first film in 1999. The major attraction and the reason behind the success of The Matrix in 1999 was the amazing action theme of the film. While the film explores the idea of simulated reality, the war against machines, etc., it was the brilliantly choreographed and technologically advance action scenes that made the film a cult favorite. You can watch all the three films in the series on Amazon Prime in Hindi.  

Battleship (2012)

Battleship film about ships
source : Amazon Prime Screenshot

Battleship is one the most underrated movies in this genre. Directed by Peter Berg, the film follows the crews of a small group of warships taken in surprise by an attack from a naval fleet of extraterrestrial origin. Although a box office bomb, I enjoyed this film. Not because of great performances but the concept and the action theme. Another reason could be because I watched it in Hindi on some TV channel. You can also give its Hindi-dubbed version a shot on Amazon Prime.

Color Out of Space (2019)

Color Out of Space best hindi dubbed films on prime
source : Amazon Prime Screenshot

Color Out of Space is a sci-fi movie based on the Lovecraftian horror genre. Directed and co-written by Richard Stanley, the film features Nicolas Cage in the lead role. The film follows the trauma experienced by the Gardner family after a meteor crash-lands in their front yard. While normal at first, a lot of strange events occur at the Gardener’s residence as everyone starts behaving uncharacteristically. Soon, they are attacked by a bolt of Color and that’s when the nightmare for Gardner’s family begins. It’s a different kind of movie and completely new if you haven’t watched a Lovecraftian horror film. It is available on Amazon Prime in Hindi as well.

Over to you!

With Hindi-dubbed Foreign Science Fiction movies on Amazon Prime, it allows viewers to watch and enjoy such movies rather than missing out because of the language barrier. Amazon Prime is doing a great job in eliminating the language barrier for the Indian audiences and helping them enjoy content from across the globe on their platform.   Let us know in the comments below if we missed out on any Hindi-dubbed sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime. Also, feel free to mention the international movies you would wish to watch in Hindi.