14 Best Inspirational and Motivational Tamil Movies of All Time

Tamil cinema has always been the equivalent of quality cinema in India, there are no doubts about it.

People usually associate the South Indian industry with over the top stunts, loud acting, and highly commercial plots. But people need to realize that those are just a few films and there is so much more to Tamil cinema that people usually miss.

Below are some of the most inspirational/motivational Tamil films that you must make time for if you are into quality cinema.

Best Inspirational and Motivational Tamil Movies of All Time

Mugavaree (1999)

Mugavaree 1999 best tamil inspirational film

Mugavaree is a Tamil musical drama film revolving around the uplifting story of a struggling musician and how he finds love amidst the chaos that his life has been.

Directed by V.Z. Durai, the film boasted of a soulful soundtrack by Deva and all the songs made the film one of the most heartwarming films to come out in the year 1999.

Ajith Kumar and Jyothika’s top-notch performances in the leading roles were just a cherry on top of the cake that was very sweet.

Anbe Sivam (2003)

Anbe Sivam best Tamil Motivational Film

When it comes to Kollywood, some of the best films have Kamal Haasan’s name attached to them in one way or the another.

This time, he wrote and starred in this film, which was a quintessential light-hearted comedy-drama, but with a message. The film tells the story of two unmatched personalities, played by Kamal and R. Madhavan, taking a trip from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai.

As the film unfolds, we can’t help getting mesmerized by the sheer genius of the script and heartwarming performances by the two main leads. Anbe Sivam is one of the best Kollywood Motivational films of all Time.

Shivaji (2007)

Shivaji The Boss Motivational Movies of Tamil Cinema

If there is a director-actor duo in Indian that has written new rules of national and international success, that is Shankar and Rajnikanth.

Their 2007 offering Shivaji was an all-out entertainer and one of the biggest hits of the year. Telling the story of an NRI who returns to India to do some good for the society, the film was a social messenger with some moments of pure fun and entertainment. There is no comparison to this duo it seems.

Boys (2003)

Boys tamil film motivational

Another film by Shankar, Boys is a Tamil coming of age comedy-drama that somehow established the careers of three newcomers Siddharth, Bharath and Nakul. The film also starred Genelia D’Souza in a key role.

The film had the central plot revolving around six teenagers as they struggle through their early grown-up years. Regarded as one of the most underrated films of the year, the film was also one of the most expensive films of the year.

Vaaranam Aayiram (2008)

Vaaranam Aayiram motivational film

Vaaranam Aayiram starred Superstar Suriya in the dual lead role along with Sameera Reddy and told the heartfelt emotional story about a boy and his father.

The film unfolds as a musical and takes the audiences onto an emotional ride about how fathers are misunderstood in general and what sacrifices they usually make to make lives better for their children.

It was one of those rare commercial Indian films that got appreciated at several national and international film festivals.

Annamalai (1992)

Annamalai Rajinikanth motivational and inspirational film

Rajnikanth starred in this Tamil drama film which was a loose remake of Rakesh Roshan’s Hindi hit Khudgarz.

Telling the heartfelt story about a sweet friendship between the son of a milkman and a rich businessman, the film hit all the right emotional notes.

Noted for the leading performances by its main leads Rajnikanth and Sharath Babu, the film was efficiently directed by Suresh Krissna.

Mayakkam Enna (2011)

Mayakkam Enna best inspirational tamil film

Mayakkan Enna was one of those rare Tamil commercial films which featured the main actor as this weak and self-destructive artist.

Known for his love of wildlife photography, Karthik wants to win an international photography award which will motivate him to follow his dream. After that, the film takes on a musical route and tells the story of lost love, broken dreams and a bittersweet triumph at the end.

Nayakan (1987)

Nayakan or nayagan 1987 maniratnam film starring kamal haasan

Nayakan is widely regarded to be one of the best Indian films of all times for three reasons. Maniratnam, Kamal Haasan and Saranya.

The political-gangster drama film set new standards in Indian film industry for craft and narratives that it was copied by several filmmakers after Maniratnam sir.

The film told the real-life story of gangster Varadarajan Mudaliar as he struggles to survive in a big city such as Mumbai. The drama took several turns and ended on a climax that moved the audiences, unlike anything they had witnessed previously in Tamil cinema.

Mudhalvan (1999)

Mudhalvan best tamil film
Remade in Hindi as Nayak starring Anil Kapoor

Mudhalvan was a political drama film that utilized the commercial elements to its benefit in a way only Shankar as a director could have achieved.

The film starred Arjun Sarja as a TV journalist who interviews the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and comes out of it with a challenge that he would become the CM of the state for a day.

The film was a big success and paved way for Shankar to make a Hindi remake with Anil Kapoor as the lead titled Nayak. Mudhavalan has an inspirational story and one of the most loved Tamil Inspirational movies.

Kaaka Muttai (2015)

Kaaka Muttai best tamil film ever

Kaaka Muttai is a Tamil comedy-drama film which is later remade in Marathi as Half Ticket.

The film was directed by Manikandan and told the story about two young slum boys whose sole desire in life is to taste a pizza.

Co-produced by Dhanush, the film won several accolades in the national and international film festivals and also ended up winning two National Film Awards for Best Children’s Film and Best Child Actor.

Kakka Muttai is one of the best Motivational Movies of all Time.

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Indian (1996)

Indian tamil film starring Kamal Haasan

Another Shankar entry on the list, Indian is a film that set the bar very high for vigilante films in Tamil cinema.

Starring Kamal Haasan and Manisha Koirala in the leading roles, the film told the story of an ex-freedom fighter who stands up against his own son to fight corruption that his son is indulged in.

The film was one of the most successful films of the years and firmly established Shankar as the director to look out for.

Kaththi (2014)

Kaththi best tamil film superstar vijay

Directed by AR Murugadoss, the film starred superstar Vijay in a dual role and he was accompanied by Neil Nitin Mukesh who also plays one of the leading roles in the film.

The film was centered on our leading actor who tackles the system that has farmers committing suicides. The film was highly appreciated by the critics and became the highest grossing Tamil film of the year.

English Vinglish (2012)

English Vinglish best movie

English Vinglish is a light-hearted comedy-drama film that revolved around a middle-class housewife named Shashi as she struggles to keep her family happy. Knowing all well that her lack of English language skills was a reason for her children being shamed, she decides to learn the language. The film was highly appreciated for its honesty and rawness and was India’s official entry into the Foreign Language Category in Oscars.

Velaiilla Pattadhari (2014)

Velaiilla Pattadhari VIP Dhanush Motivational Film

Vellailla Pattadhari is a comedy-drama film starring Dhanush in the leading role. It was the directorial debut of Velraj. The film starred Dhanush as a fresh university graduate who struggles very hard to get the job of his liking.

Tackling many societal and social evils, the film was positively received by the critics and the audiences and became one of the biggest hits of the year. Apart from acting as the leading man, Dhanush also produced and distributed the film.

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