Experience at ICE Institute? How ICE Making a difference with Their Courses

What you take from ICE? : How is ICE institute of creative excellence making a difference with their short-term courses?

The ICE- a place where talent meets Opportunity! Started by Balaji Telefilms from back in 2010, the Institute of Creative Excellence is a place where talent fulfills dreams.

The Institute of Creative Excellence is one of the most renowned Institutions in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Every Year, a lot of students join  ICE to get education and quality grooming from the Institution.

The ICE is expertise in covering different subjects of the Media and Entertainment Industry. So, what you take from ICE? : How is ICE institute of creative excellence making a difference with their short-term courses? Let us understand and research a bit more about this.

ICE advantage

The ICE or the Institute of Creative Excellence is a renowned institute that covers almost every subject in the Media and Entertainment Industry which can take you to both big and small screen.

The faculty comes with years of knowledge and hands-on experience to teach the students with the best education. For the students who do not know about the key advantages to be an ICE student, it is very important for them to know this.

List of ICE Institute Advantages 

Live Environment

ICE institute Balaji Telefilms education

We always say that a good environment always sets out a good mindset for receiving an education. Even for the Media and Entertainment Industry, a good Environment can always be very helpful at any needs moreover the institute is located along with the sets of Balaji Telefilms.

Students are given screens along with live shoot and exclusive performances to make the learning far better. The faculty and the teachers come together with performances on their own subjects to engage students. This gives students a picture of what really happens in a live set. This live training helps then to stand in a better position as compared to other students with only classroom training.


ICE almost has more than 13 admission centers across the country distributed through major cities. However, each and every branch of the Institute of Creative Excellence has its own uniqueness and a well-maintained Infrastructure. Apart from this, you can also check for the Campus Tour from here!

Power Packed Courses

The Key management and faculty have always given a key focus on the Courses to cover. ICE specifically emphasizes on every subject of the Media and Entertainment Industry. Some of the Mainstream Courses Include:


Apart from this, the ICE also focuses on many other topics at the same time.

ICE Academic Council

The ICE Academic Council encompasses of some of the versatile and Well Known faces of the Indian Entertainment Industry. Headed by Balaji Telefilms, the Academic Council includes the name of Jeetendra Kapoor, Chairman, and ICE Academic Council. Apart from this, the well-known Ekta Kapoor is also the Member, ICE Academic Council.


The subjective Courseware is designed in a very unique and engaging way. The students are given the liability to choose the courses according to their preferences. The courseware can be divided into three preferences which include Instructor Lead Training (ILT), Computer Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT).

Project & Assignments

Each and every subject covered by the ICE encompass a unique style of teaching. Apart from this, it also includes Project & Assignments. Every student is given regular Project & Assignments to strengthen their groundwork and use it. All the results are because of excessive hard work and research by the faculty members.

Guest lectures by Industry Experts

The one thing that makes ICE stands tall is the presence of the hard-working faculty. They arrange Guest lectures by Industry Experts & various celebrities to inspire the students and to develop their knowledge on the Media and Entertainment industry. A lot of experts, including leading actors, choreographers, photographers and any more regularly visit the ICE premises to inspire the youth. In ICE, you learn Film Acting From India’s Best faculty.

Exhaustive Library

Apart from this, every ICE premises comes along with Exhaustive Library that gives a great opportunity to read books and to acquire more knowledge about their subject. The Exhaustive Library is present in every branch of ICE and also in every city. You can issue a book and take it home to study more as well!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

The Institute of Creative Excellence is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company that has its aim to set up global leads. The academic curriculum ensures the students a regular interaction with famous personalities. This is indeed one of the best ways to inspire and engage the youths at the same time.

Placements in ICE

ice institute logo

The ICE provides 100% placement support to all the students who are currently undergoing their courses in any of the ICE premises. This is basically done through the help of the dedicated placements committee. With their the huge Network, ICE creates the best chances for the students to find a platform to enter various projects and get their names enrolled for the Media and Entertainment Industry.

It has been an 8-year long journey for Institute of Creative Excellence. On a record, ICE has up to 75% placement in acting, scriptwriting and also modeling. Apart from this, the records do not stop over here as well. ICE has acquired knowledge of almost 100% in Cinematography and many more things at the same time.

Students from all over the world who are undergoing their respective courses definitely have the outside edge to make a better future. ICE receives applications from students located at Dubai, Australia etc. ICE is definitely the best place to get your dream run on the creative field.

The placements for respective courses are provided in top Production houses, leading soaps and also in leading Music production houses. Every month, there is a list of successful placements from ICE website. Students who are applying for a new admission can easily check the website and know more.

You can easily visit This Page to get more information on the successful placements and the successful Alumni for the month.

How is ICE institute of creative excellence making a difference with their short-term courses?

ICE institute Balaji Telefilms

Now a lot of people may have their doubts on the respective courses with more things to know about. Initially, the academic curriculum is divided into different ways that help you to get better results. The courses are easily achieved in different formats. The students can easily get both the opportunities of Full-Time Courses and Part Time Courses.

Most of the Full-time courses come around a span of 6 months while the Part-Time courses are around 9 months. In every session, the academic Faculty tries to engage the students with more interactive sessions and the live environment. This helps them to get an example of how practical the Industry is. So overall, the courses are widely appreciated.

These short-term courses provide an impressive result for the students to make up a secure future through the ICE. The ICE is officially the best academic institution that you can get at any point in time. It has so many opportunities that can always support you when you need,  ICE is one of the best acting schools in India.

The deserving candidates shall always get the better priority to get an attractive placement. These short-term courses help to develop the core and also forecasts in bringing better results. So, if you are wondering, how impactful the courses are, and the answer is definitely ‘huge!’ These courses and the new age training provided are done as per the industry requirements with some of the most modern features.