Chale Chalo- Making of Lagaan

Watching a film that is one of its kind is quite thrilling experience for any movie lover, I too was very curious to watch unreleased movie of Aamir Khan on & Pictures channel, I was thinking that it would be some commercial film of Aamir khan but, I was wrong. It was Chale Chalo , Chale chalo is the documentary film directed by Satyajit bhatkal. This kind of documentary film is unique and one of its kind. To my surprise, Chale Chalo was already released on DVD before.

Chale Chalo is one of its kind Documentary film which shows the making on an Epic movie- Lagaan.

Chale Chalo – The Lunacy of Film making is essentially for lunatics, movie buffs and Hindi Cinema Lovers. This is not at all a commercial film or regular documentary film,it is a story of the film Lagaan, how the film was made and what kind of hurdles they faced from start to end.

If you are not passionate about films or you are not a movie buff, then you may skip this movie. But it is a must watch for all the crazy movie lovers who love Hindi Cinema and Filmographies, to learn about Indian Cinema and how Films made in Bollywood and Indian film industry.It is a learning experience watching- Chale Chalo and being a Movie buff, I loved watching every bit of Chale Chalo.

lagaan poster dvd cover

Chale Chalo shows the original footage of the shoot, script analysis, storytelling and all the other aspect of making of the film Lagaan. After listening to the short summary of Lagaan, Aamir Khan instantly disapproved the movie and suggested Ashutosh to drop the idea of making Lagaan. But Aashutosh Govarikar started rewriting the script and changed the whole dialogue version of the Lagaan. Then Ashutosh came back to Aamir Khan to narrate the film once again.After hearing the script,Aamir Khan was quite impressed and decided not only to do the film but also to produce the film.

Satyajit Bhatkal, Aamir Khan’s friend, is the director of the documentary film, Chale Chalo.

Key Points of The Documentary Film- Chale Chalo

Chale Chalo tells the story of Film Making, how a Big film is made in India.

Chale Chalo shows, How the casting was done and how did they finalized the actors for the main characters of the film.

Aamir Khan’s ex wife Reena Dutta was the Production manager of Lagaan. This is Reena Dutta’s first film as Production Manager, and had no experience in this field before Lagaan. Aamir Khan being the producer of the Lagaan convinced Reena to manage the production department.

Chao Chalo also showcases, How the shooting locations are finalized. They wanted a village to shoot and to finalize the location, how they traveled Rajasthan, Maharashtra, MP and other states for the perfect location, before finalizing Bhuj,Kachchh near Kunariya.

There was no hotel as per the standards and needs of the star cast and the crew. So they had to convert a building into a hotel for the star cast and crew of the film Lagaan.

This movie shares the shooting experience and how their life took a new turn while and after shooting the film Lagaan.

Chale Chalo also shows Aamir Khan’s birthday celebration on the sets of Lagaan.

Chale Chalo also shows the bonding of the whole cast and crew during the shooting of a film. The whole crew was seen playing Holi and enjoying the work together during the making of Lagaan.

Very less people know, but a Real cricket match was played between Indian and British team.

During the shoot, a British Crew couple married in Indian Style with all the Indian traditional rituals. ChaleChalo also showcases the marriage of this British Crew couple.

For a movie lover Chale Chalo is must Watch Film.