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Philosophy nerd, leftist and an unapologetic aspiring filmmaker from Delhi.
Nana patekar in Parinda best films of Nana

13 Best Bollywood Movies of Nana Patekar You Must Watch

Nana Patekar happens to be one of those actors who have time and time again proved that there is nobody better than him when it...
gurudutt in pyaasa bollywood classic film

10 Best Guru Dutt films You Must Watch if you love Indian Cinema

From time to time, Hindi film industry has produced filmmaking gems that have turned the cinematic space in the country around with their sheer genius...
Abhishek Bachchan in Sarkar Series Best films

Movies of Abhishek Bachchan Ranked Worst to Best

The biggest curse an actor can be born with is to be born as the son of legendary Amitabh Bachchan. And...
Sultan best sports movies of all time

14 Best Bollywood Sports Movies for Every Sports Fan

Although there are only a few of them each year, Bollywood is known to mess with sports dramas from time to time.
Akira 1988 best Japanese animated Film

Top 10 Best Japanese Animated Movies of All Times for Anime Lovers

Japanese are mad mad people and when it comes to creativity in animation, there is absolutely no competition presently. From their films to manga novels to their anime...

14 Best Hollywood Psychopath Movies of All Time You Must Check

Ever since film as a medium of entertainment became popular, the filmmakers have taken risks when it comes to content and portraying the absolute worst things people...

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