7 Poonam Pandey Controversies Lead Her to Social Media Stardom

Poonam Pandey is the ultimate controversy queen on Twitter. She rose to fame and became a celebrity overnight with a couple of tweets. Since then, she has been active on social media, whether she is making films or not.

Social media has become an integral platform for celebrities everywhere to connect with their followers and update them about their daily lives and upcoming projects.

Fans and followers find social media the best medium to keep an eye on their favorite stars. However, social media celebs like Poonam Pandey take it a step further and ignite controversy to stay on top of the trends chart and keep the buzz about her alive.

Top Twitter Controversies of Poonam Pandey

Here are some of the interesting Twitter controversies involving Poonam Pandey that not only increased her followers but also raised her popularity on the celebrity chart.

The Strip Saga

The first time Poonam Pandey got trending all over social media was when she tweeted that she would str¡p for Team India if they won the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Well, we all know that India did win the World Cup that year. However, Pandey didn’t live up to her promise, suggesting that she didn’t get permission from the BCCI.

Despite that, her fan following only went up on Twitter, and she became an overnight celebrity.

Motivational Surprise

Poonam pandey motivational surprise

Although she wasn’t able to fulfill her promise to str¡p for Team India, Poonam Pandey did later that year posted a semi-nüdé picture terming it as a “Motivational Surprise” for team India during the India v/s England series.

Hence, in the end, our controversial queen did what she did best and impressed her fans.

Bathroom Secrets

The Poonam Pandey social media saga didn’t end there as she later uploaded a video titled “Bathroom Secrets” with some pretty little secrets.

However, the fans were again disappointed, as YouTube deemed the video too provocative for the Indian audience and removed it.

“Attitude is like underwear” Tweet

Another famous tweet from Poonam Pandey that made the headlines was where she tweets “Attitude is like underwear”.

While her bold tweet received both praise and criticism, the reaction that stirred up the controversy came from Taslima Nasreen, who tweeted that “Poonam Pandey got nakéd but not satisfied.

She wanna do the dirtiest things that have not been done before. Wants to get f**ked in public! (sic)”. Well, the tweet didn’t go well with Pandey, and she replied, “F**k what people say… Do YOU. Some people will hate you for it, but it’s the ones that love you for it are more important”.

Striking a chord with fellow celeb

Well, maybe because of different opinions or jealousy of the fame that Poonam Pandey relishes in the social media world, many other celebs or popular personalities have irked banter with her on social media.

However, the one clash that really struck some controversy was when actress Chitrangada Singh tweeted, “How do you compete with Poonam Pandey when she is ready to str¡p for Kabbadi matches? Though I have never met Poonam and have no personal agenda, I guess she does her bathroom rituals every day, and sometimes that involves str¡ping” (sic).

Poonam Pandey didn’t waste any time and took the banter seriously and replied “It’s so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say. Jealousy: That’s what makes a b*tch talk.”

However, the controversial fact was that Poonam Pandey stepped into the accelerator too fast because it was later found that it was an imposter and not Chitrangada Singh who tweeted against Pandey.

Another Cricketing Controversy

The next controversy on this list actually involves Poonam Pandey, but this time, she didn’t have anything to do with it directly.

It happened when a morphed picture was out in the media via a leading newspaper, which contained herself as nüdé, Sachin Tendulkar as Hindu God, and a Pakistani cricketer bowing down to him.

This picture started a huge controversy in Kolkata, especially among the Muslim population, hurting their religious sentiments. Eventually, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee intervened, and the newspaper had to issue an apology to pacify the situation.

Faking Death on Social Media

The most recent controversy was faking death on social media, Poonam Pandey faked her death on social media from her official Instagram handle, her death news was posted, and that was just a publicity stunt, people believed it.

Over to you!

Social Media is a great platform to start a buzz, and Poonam Pandey has repeatedly proven that by striking a controversy using social media tools like Twitter, one can also get fame and popularity.

Let us know in your comments below if you agree with Poonam Pandey’s method of stirring some Twitter Controversies to gain followers.