Indian cinema is not particularly known for the best of the CGI sequences in the world, but in the more modern times, as the cinema has evolved, India is not too left behind.

Why does it matter that many of the best CGI laden films are done abroad, there are many Indian VFX companies that can give any international studio a run for their money.

Below are the Indian films that reached the peak as far as Indian films are concerned when it comes to the VFX.

Indian Movies with Best VFX and Special Effects

Mr. India (1987)

Mr India movie on Invisibility

This Shekhar Kapoor directed film easily tops every list. Not only for its time, the film featured some of the most pathbreaking visuals that were ever seen on Indian screen. Mr. India is listed in our list of Best Films ever made on Insivibility.

Telling the story about a commoner named Arun, who somehow get the superpower to disappear at will, the film was a total package of action, comedy, fun and music.

The film established Shekhar Kapoor as one of the most viable Indian film directors and the film went on becoming a cult classic.

Bahubali Series (2015-2017)

kattappa bahubali fight scene

Rightly known as India’s answer to Hollywood’s 300, Bahubali is the ultimate pinnacle of how historical epics should be made, not only in India but anywhere.

Indian media was all praises for both the films, with foreign media even going many steps beyond. Both the films featured several scenes that required immense expertise in the VFX and CGI.

But kudos to the entire team behind this sprawling epic series, we got the chance to watch the grandest, the most magnificently near-perfect films ever.

Robot (2010)

Enthiran robot best tamil film

There is no match to Shankar when it comes to having the guts to put on screen what is imagined. The robot, starring Thalaivar Rajnikant in a dual role as a superhero Robot and the creator, is what imagination looks like when it’s at its purest.

The film begins as a feel-good story but takes on a weird turn as it ventures into some hilarious zones. The Robot turns a bad guy and now wreaking havoc on the city. Some of it went over the top admittedly, but it was quite a lot of fun.

2.0 (2018)

2 point 0 review robot 2 akshay kumar

The direct sequel to Robot, 2.0 was many years in making and was highly awaited. It was deemed by the media and the sources as probably the biggest Indian film till date.

Also starring Akshay Kumar as the villain, the film featured Rajni Sir playing Chitti again, this time as a savior. And what a blast it was! It was all worth the wait. And it would not be an exaggeration, if the film is said to be at par with the best of Hollywood, in less than half the budget. 2.0 has the best CGIs in Indian films.

Makhhi (2012)

makkhi eega hindi telugu movie

Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, the man behind the sprawling epic Bahubali series, the film seems quite idiotic when you read the plot first. A fly set out to take revenge.

What seemed like a childish plot eventually turned into a very entertaining film and with the absolutely spot-on VFX, it looked just awesome. The film was a huge success and somehow made Rajamouli one of the best directors working in the Indian film industry. Makkhi has the best special effects.

Magadheera (2009)

Magadheera telugu film

As if we needed any more proof that Rajamouli is right at the top with Shankar when it comes to imagining the vastly imaginative worlds, Magadheera is a period epic love story that moves parallel with a track which is set in the current times.

But when it came to designing huge sets and using computer-generated images to make the film look beautiful and real, several hundred artists worked days and nights to turn it into a reality.

Om Shanti Om (2007)

Om Shanti Om movie on reincarnation Shahrukh Khan

Om Shanti Om is a Bollywood film Based on Reincarnation story. If there was a person from the Hindi film industry who has actually given the industry way more than it deserves, it is Shah Rukh Khan. He set up Red Chillies VFX in the early 2000s, and since then the company has worked on more than 100 films.

Om Shanti Om was a film which was comparatively low on VFX but even then, SRK and the director Farah Khan left no stone unturned in proving that greatness in films lies in small details.

The film turned out to be one of the biggest successes of SRK’s acting and producing career.

Koi.. Mil Gaya (2003-2013)

Krrish 3 science fiction Bollywood film

The duo of Hrithik Roshan and his father Rakesh Roshan has not delivered an unsuccessful film yet.

Although we can question the lack of originality in those films, there is no denying the fact that those films featured some of the best graphics seen in the Hindi film industry. Done by Red Chillies VFX, the special effects had Krrish fighting in the air, in water, and on land with an array of villains.

It made us all proud, mostly owing to the fact that those effects were done in way less cost than an average Hollywood film. Krrish is one of the Best Indian Super Hero films.

Zero (2018)

SRK in Zero best cgi and special effects

Once again, its SRK whos making yet another entry on the list, with his latest released film. Despite the fact that the film wrongly received severe flak from the critics and the audience alike, it was highly misunderstood film.

Featuring SRK as a dwarf named Bauua Singh, the film turned from a romantic comedy to a science fiction film very fast. And do we have to tell you with a perfectionist like Anand L. Rai on the director’s chair, the film could not do any wrong in any aspect.

Shivaay (2016)

Shivaay best action and special effects

The film had its weaknesses, but also there is a whole another side to it. The film was a mesmerizing visual action thriller film that somehow pressed the wrong buttons with its audiences.

Although we agree that the film faltered in a few aspects, it was absolutely worth a watch, for its mind-blowing action sequences that take place in many difficult terrains. We can only imagine what troubles Ajay Devgan had to go through to make this film.

Ra.One (2011)

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One

Another example of how a film can go wrong in many aspects but does many things right that the audience doesn’t care about.

The superhero film starring Shah Rukh Khan was laden with many visual effects that made the film one of the best superhero science fiction films to come out of the Hindi film industry.

But the film lacked a coherent plot and effective characterization which made people turning their backs on this otherwise technically superior film.

Anniyan (2005)

Anniyan best tamil film hindi aparichit
Dubbed in Hindi as Aparichit

Another Shankar entry on the list, Anniyan was lauded for the magnificent performance by the leading man Vikram. Playing a person suffering from multiple personality disorder was never this perfect. Anniyan or Aparichit is one of its kind and one of the best Vigilante films in India.

Other than the acting, story, and screenplay, what stood out in the film were the action sequences that moved way beyond the wireworks and used some intense CGI to bring the absolute horror to life. We must say, while we absolutely adore our Hindi film industry, we are no match to the South Indian Filmmakers.

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