Hollywood Special Effects The Greenscreen Revolution

We all have heard the “Visual Effects” but many of us don’t actually know what these effects are and what they make a normal scene look like. Visual effects make the viewing experience much better for viewers. Do you know Visual Effects can be used to create locations that mesmerize you. Most of times in movies the locations used are not like that in real and many a times these locations don’t even exist. For example Pandora of the film Avatar
Many times movies are made more with Visual effects then on real locations like Life of Pi. I am sure you all must want to know these interesting before and after visual affects used in Movies. Enjoy the beautiful and shocking before and after visual Effects.

Greenscreen or Bluescreen are used to put anything in place of these background, this technology is used to make fake locations, stunts and everything this reduces the cost of travelling for film making and less risk for the actors who perform dangerous stunts.

But there are some actors like Tom Cruise who love to do dangerous stunts without any special effects.

All these effects done with green and blue screen backgrounds and then they add real look graphics created by VFX experts.


300 screen comparision blue screen



avatar 2 vfx

The Avengers


Back to the Future


The chronicles of Narnia

chronicles of Narnia

Final Destination

final destination screenshot

Iron Man

Iron man 2

Life of Pi

Life of PI

Pirates of the Caribbean


The Great Gatsby

the great gatsby 2

the great gatsby effects

the great gatsby