hero film best for film makers

16 Essential Films Every Aspiring Filmmaker Must Watch To Learn Film Making

There are films we watch to learn the craft of making films and there are films that we enjoy. What if...
sui dhaaga film about small town people

10 Best Bollywood Movies about Small Towns or Middle-Class on Prime/Netflix

Early mornings, early evenings and all the hustle-bustle in between: there really is no place to spend your growing years like a small town!
Sultan best sports movies of all time

14 Best Bollywood Sports Movies for Every Sports Fan

Although there are only a few of them each year, Bollywood is known to mess with sports dramas from time to time.
Aamir Khan in Ghajini

14 Best Movies of Aamir Khan You Must Watch

Aamir Khan is a well-known name in the cinema industry and he is famous for his perfection in his films. He...
Irrfan khan in Haider roohdar best character

16 Best Movies of Irrfan Khan You Must Watch Once

In shades of white and black, he made us laugh, he made us cry. His performances were always power-packed, equipped with a depth of character-...
gurudutt in pyaasa bollywood classic film

10 Best Guru Dutt films You Must Watch if you love Indian Cinema

From time to time, Hindi film industry has produced filmmaking gems that have turned the cinematic space in the country around with their sheer genius...

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