Edge of Tomorrow

16 Most Fascinating Science Fiction Movies of the Last Decade (2006-2016)

Science Fiction has always been a fascinating part of the Hollywood film industry. The technologies that we use today were already being implemented in several older Sci-fi...
Django Unchained slavery movies

10 All Time Best Movies About American Slavery You Need to Watch

01Enslavement of Africans and African Americans was a practice right since early colonial days when the US was still under British rule. It wasn’t made illegal upon...
Beauty and the Beast 2014 film on stories

15 Best Live Action Movies Based on Fairy Tales of All Time

Once upon a time... were the coolest words, we often waited to hear while we were kids. Because that's how every fairy tale or bedtime story started...
Pirates of Silicon Valley

10+ Best Hollywood Movies For Software Developers and Engineers

Talking about sci-fi, special effects, and technological advancement, what’s better than Hollywood? Indeed, Hollywood is far too better in its very own way of storytelling, maybe it’s a...
Avatar Best 3d effects best movies on aliens

20 Best Hollywood Movies About Future or Sets in Future

Movies are a source of entertainment that takes us towards a new journey, a new adventure or a new experience. Most of the times, the movies are...
Live Free or Die Hard Movie on Computer Hacking

20+ Best Hollywood Movies on Computer Hacking and Cyber Crime

Since the internet evolution and the existence of World Wide Web, there’s this negative element that has been raising its fangs every now and then, better known...

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