10 Best Shark Attack Movies for Sea Creature Films Lover

Best Shark Attack Movies: The thriller and horror subgenre of shark attack Movies has long enthralled audiences with its spine-tingling stories and pulse-pounding tension.

These films transport viewers to a world where the difference between surviving and falling victim to a relentless predator’s jaws becomes progressively hazy, whether the setting is peaceful coastal villages, deserted beaches, or open oceans. Shark attack films continue to give a riveting and immersive experience with each heart-pounding moment and breath-taking chase, leaving an imprint on the genre of cinematic thrillers.

Despite having too many failures, Hollywood filmmakers are still adamant about producing new Shark Attack films every now and then.

The main reason behind that is the cult following around this genre. Even though most Shark Attack Movies have failed miserably at the box office, some of them have gained cult status and mass fandom across the globe, Some of these shark attack films land in the Adult Movies Genre.

Best Shark Attack Movies of All Time

So, here we have sorted some of the Best Shark Attack Movies that you must watch if you enjoy films based on animal monsters.

While a couple of films on the list were blockbusters, the others are just here because they have earned cult status over the years.

Jaws (1975)

shark attack movie Jaws 1975

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws is a 1975 American thriller film that opened the gates for Shark Attack films in Hollywood.

The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Peter Benchley. A police officer, a marine biologist, and a professional shark hunter team up together on a mission to hunt a giant man-eating great white shark.

For its unique theme and thriller moments, Jaws became one of the huge blockbusters in Hollywood cinema. It also remained the highest-grossing films of all time until Star Wars surpassed the figures in 1977.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep Blue Sea best shark attack movies

Although the film didn’t receive the same accolades as Jaws, Deep Blue Sea is the only other blockbuster Shark Attack Movie on our list. Directed by Renny Harlin, the film revolves around Aquatica, a submarine refueling facility converted into a laboratory.

Everything seems normal until one of the three sharks at the laboratory escapes and begins a rampage. Things get worse when the other two sharks are also free. Now, everyone at the laboratory must find a way to save themselves from these man-eating sharks. Whether they are successful or not forms the rest of the story.

Bait 3D (2012)

Bait 3D shark attack films

Bait shares an excellent story of worst case scenarios. The film tells the story of a group of shoppers trapped in an Australian market after it is waterlogged resulting from a Tsunami wave.

While the victims are recovering from their worst possible scenario, they realize that the Tsunami has not just flooded the premises but also brought a man-eating shark in the establishment. Well, could it go any worse than this? Yes, if there is another shark in the parking garage.

The Reef (2010)

The Reef 2010 film

The Reef is a 2010 Australian horror film directed by Andrew Traucki. The film focuses on a group of friends set off on a yacht sailing to Indonesia. However, their yacht capsizes and the group is now the most vulnerable amidst the deep blue shark-infested sea.

While one of the friends decides to stay on the wreckage, the others begin to swim to the nearby island. The idea fails terribly as the shark begins the rampage devouring them one by one.

Open Water (2003)

Open Waters 2003 shark attack film

Open Water is a 2003 American film featuring the real-life incident of Tom and Eileen Lonergan. Directed by Chris Kentis, the film tells the story of an American couple who opt for scuba diving during their holiday in the Caribbean.

In the twist of fate, the couple is accidentally left behind by the crew in the shark-infested waters miles away from the shore. The film will give you thrills just by the imagination of being stranded in open waters itself.

With deadly sharks into the picture, the situation is nothing less of the scariest nightmare.

12 Days of Terror (2004)

12 Days of Terror 2004 shark attack movie

12 Days of Terror is a TV film premiered on Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel. Directed by Jack Sholder, the film is based on the true events of 12 days of Shark Rampage dating from 1st July 1916 to 12th July 1916.

As per the book on which the film is based, the events occurred in Central and Southern New Jersey along the Jersey coast. Even today, scientists are still researching on a logical reason that could explain such an unusual shark behavior.

Sharknado (2013)

Sharknado 2013 film

For a change, we also have a science fiction disaster horror comedy on our list of best shark attack films of all time. Sharknado is a 2013 television film set in Los Angeles. The main plot of the film focuses on a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in the city.

The film was a disappointment when it was premiered on Television but it gained fandom after it became a trend on social media. Syfy decided to re-run the film on their channel and it saw a great rise in viewership each time, it was aired. The success also led to 4 sequels.

The Shallows (2016)

The Shallows 2016 film on shark attack

The Shallows is a 2016 Hollywood survival thriller film. The Shallows features Blake Lively as a surfer who is stranded on an isolated rock with a great white shark waiting to hunt her.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the film focuses on the struggle of a surfer while she uses everything she has to fight the shark and survive back to the shore.

Shark Night (2011)

Shark Night 2011 3D movie on shark attack

Shark Night is a typical American horror film featuring a group of young friends who are killed one by one by man-eating sharks. Directed by David R. Ellis, the film tells the story of seven Tulane University undergraduates whose vacation to a private lake is ruined when they discover deadly sharks in it.

Whether they survive the attacks of these deadliest animals or not forms the rest of the film.

Blue Water, White Death (1971)

Blue Water, White Death shark attack film

The list of best movies on shark attacks would be incomplete if I don’t include a documentary film in it. Blue Water, White Death is a 1971 American documentary film produced by Peter Gimbel and James Lipscomb.

While there are many different documentaries out there featuring the great white shark, Blue Water, White Death is special because it was the first time an effort was made to catch this deadly animal underwater on camera. Although not as sensational or thrilling as other films on the list, this documentary is remarkable for its own reasons.

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Over to you!

Shark attack films are very rarely made in Hollywood primarily due to the benchmark set by Jaws.

Most of the shark attack Movies are premiered directly on TV and feature a similar plot with some twists and turns here and there.

Filmmakers need to revamp this genre and bring something fresh for the viewers to uplift this theme again.