Marly And Me Best Movie for Dog Lovers

Top Rated Hollywood Movies For Animal Lovers

In the current world of selfishness, ego, greed and hatred, you will always find a deeper and stronger bond between human and animals, whether its dogs, cats,...

10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movies In The History

The Hollywood film industry is world famous for its creative cinema, superb casting, amazing storytelling and dynamic screenplay. But lately, it is also making news for its...
The Martian 2015 best movies on other planets

12+ Best Hollywood Movies About Space And Planets

Hollywood is famous for its Science Fiction genre films added with revolutionary special effects graphics and innovative out of the box ideas. Let’s list out the best Hollywood movies...
volcano 1997 movie Hollywood and United States

10 Best Hollywood Movies on Environmental And Natural Disaster

With the advent of technology and loss of nature, a lot of changes are happening in our atmosphere and the end result is always in the form...
Wold of WallStreet best film of Leonardo Dicaprio

Top 10 Best Films of Leonardo DiCaprio You Should Watch

The amazing actor and the winner of a number of awards and finally won Oscars for Revenent for his brilliant performances. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous...
Hollywood movie on Sports

All Time Best Hollywood Movies on Sports

Sports movies have been the appetite of Hollywood over the decades, starting since the time of silent films. The basic theme for a sports film is the...

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