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Masaan Review directed by Neeraj ghaywan

Masaan Review : Simple yet Rare Tale delivered Beautifully

Masaan - another way of saying Shamshaan which means Cremation ground. Shot in Benaras - the city of ghats. It is not a story about a single...
ram-leela review

Ram Leela Review – Truly a Masterpiece!

What you expect from a movie? Ram Leela has everything a blockbuster Bollywood movie needs. Romance, Vengeance, Drama, Tragedy, Light Humor, Beautiful sets, Melodic music, breath-taking dance...

Krrish 3 Hindi Movie Review

One thing is clear that Rakesh Roshan wants Krrish to be seen more than just a Movie. He wants it to become a brand.. Superhero of India.....
Mickey virus Poster Movie Review

Mickey Virus Review

Story of a young hacker named “Mickey” (Manish Paul) who has no specific agenda in life except for having fun with friends and fooling around with his...

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