Jiah Khan- Suraj Pancholi

Bollywood Liv In Relationships (1)
After Jiah Khan’s suicide, live in relationships have came again in the spotlight. It is believed that Jiah and Suraj were in a live in relationship, Jiah has also aborted her Love child. As per Jiah’s last letters, Jiah wanted to continue the relationship as she still loved him and Suraj was running away from Jiah, depressed Jiah chose to end her life.

Our society and morals are changing with time, but are we really ready for this change? Jiah Khan’s suicide has raised many questions. Love life, relationships and Live-ins have become the most important topic of today’s youth. We won’t say that being in Live in is good or bad, But Life is precious, and whatever decision you take you must be careful in choosing your partner.