Hating someone is a strong emotion, but in the list of the Most Hated People In The World, we have chosen the 10 most controversial and powerful people who are disliked by millions of people worldwide.

Most Hated People In The World Right Now

Vladimir Putin

Putin most hated people on earth

People’s attitudes about Putin are frequently influenced by their political ideologies, cultural backgrounds, and the information sources they trust.

Critics of Vladimir Putin frequently raise concerns about his leadership style, the situation of democracy in Russia, human rights violations, and allegations of political persecution. Some foreign observers and human rights organizations have expressed worry about the situation of media freedom, political opposition, and the rule of law in Russia during Putin’s leadership.

After attacking Ukraine, Putin becomes one of the most hated people in the world.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu hated person isreal

Netanyahu has been a key player in Israeli politics for many years, and people’s perceptions of him are frequently influenced by a variety of variables, such as their political convictions, regional connections, and thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Haters of Netanyahu frequently raise concerns about his policies, notably in respect to West Bank settlements, his attitude to the peace process, and how he handles social and economic difficulties. Some are also concerned about his leadership style and connections with foreign countries.

Now, Israel’s Palestine conflict is going on, and Israel is not going slow; that’s why all Arab countries, people, and Muslims around the world hate Israel’s Prime Minister; he has become the most hated person on earth right now.

6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)

6ix9ine hated person on earth

Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper born Daniel Hernandez, has been a divisive figure in the music industry and popular culture. Several factors contribute to the unfavorable attitudes some people have toward him. 6ix9ine has a criminal record, including charges for racketeering, guns, and conspiracy to commit murder. In 2018, he pled guilty to many federal counts, testified for authorities, and obtained a reduced sentence.

6ix9ine’s legal difficulties and collaboration with law authorities have sparked skepticism and criticism from fans and peers. Some see his participation as betraying his former colleagues.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber most hated person

Bieber’s public image and interactions have led some to label him arrogant or conceited. This reputation may originate from events in which he appeared dismissive or annoyed with fans and the media.

Musical tastes are subjective, and some people may not like Justin Bieber’s music style or the progression of his sound over time. Changes in musical genre and innovation might elicit criticism.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul hated person disliked

Jake Paul, a renowned social media celebrity, YouTuber, and boxer, has been a contentious figure. Some individuals harbor unfavorable feelings towards him for various reasons.

Jake Paul has been embroiled in several incidents, including disruptive and rude behavior. Hosting big parties during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as being accused of disturbing his neighbors, has sparked criticism.

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un hated people on earth

North Korea is recognized for its totalitarian administration, with Kim Jong Un viewed as the key figure responsible for upholding absolute authority over the country. This involves constraints on free expression, political dissent, and fundamental human rights.

Kim Jong Un has been notorious for using strong language, particularly warnings of aggression against South Korea and the United States. Such language raises tensions and adds to poor views worldwide, Kim Jong Un is one of the most hated person on the planet.

Kanye West

most hated person kanye west

Kanye West has been involved in a number of contentious episodes, both in his personal life and in public. His outspokenness and occasionally unpredictable behavior have resulted in bad perceptions.


BTS army most hated person

Although BTS is extremely famous, it is crucial to note that opinions on musical artists, including BTS, are subjective, and not everyone has the same taste. However, it is not correct to suggest that there is a general dislike for BTS. In fact, they have a devoted following known as the “BTS ARMY.” Most people hate BTS Army as their fans are uncontrolled and hyper towards anyone who doesn’t like BTS.

BTS has a strong fan base, but still many people around the world hate them.

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif most hated person

Nawaz Sharif (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan) and his family have faced several corruption charges and legal challenges. These claims have contributed to an unfavorable perception of certain community members. After the rise of Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif has become the most hated person in Pakistan, and people around the globe don’t like him.

Some detractors claim that Nawaz Sharif represents the continuance of dynastic politics in Pakistan, citing the fact that his family members have also been politically active.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden most hated person on earth

Critics may disagree with President Biden’s handling of certain topics, such as the departure of US soldiers from Afghanistan, the reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak, or border control.

Trust in political leaders is essential, and any perceived breaches of trust, contradictions, or scandals can lead to bad sentiments. American presidents are not liked by people in Asia and Russia, so most American presidents are the most hated people on earth, but Joe Biden is getting Hate even in America.

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