The 22 Worst Indian Photoshop Fails related to Movies

Again Kareena :D, Perfection of Worst Photoshop Editing Look at the photoframe!

photoshop fails Indian

Katrina is thinking where is Akshay!

Bollywood RIP Photoshop Indian (14)

That’s why, She is not doing movies in Bollywood!

Bollywood RIP Photoshop Indian (15)

Riteish Deshmukh is on Search mode, Aapko Shikayat ka Mauka nahi milega! 

Bollywood RIP Photoshop Indian (16)

Typical Salman Fan Trying to become Bhai!

salman khan photoshop fail

Rajnikanth will Find him and Photoshop him!

Rajnikanth photoshop Fail

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