Hindi Cinema is known for its bold subjects, there are plenty of different Unique Underrated Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime Video, and very few people know about them, some of these films are based on real stories and some are pure imagination of the filmmakers.

Bollywood Films and Hindi Cinema both are different things, when you hear the word Bollywood, the Image came in front of you is flashy dresses, songs, and dance numbers, but if we talk about proper cinema, we have a list of some Best Underrated films in Hindi Cinema.

10 Most Underrated Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

Gali Guleiyan

Gali Guleiyan best film of manoj bajpayee underrated film on prime
Gali Guleiyan underrated film on prime

Manoj Bajpayee plays the leading role, and Dipesh Jain is the film’s director. Manoj Bajpayee plays a character named Khuddoos in the movie.

He lives in the Old Delhi neighborhood. He develops an obsession with his neighbors, and he begins using a network of cameras and listening devices to spy on them. The movie shares issues like urban alienation, loneliness, and the hazy border between reality and psychosis.

For its different storytelling, compelling acting, and depiction of the psychological costs of urban isolation, Gali Guleyan won praise from critics, despite not seeing much economic success or recognition, it is an underrated gem in Indian cinema.


Newton Best film on prime video rajkumar rao

Newton examines issues with bureaucracy, democracy, the Indian system, and the difficulties of holding free and fair elections in an area rife with conflict and insurgency.

Despite the lack of support from his coworkers and the rebel’s threats of violence, Newton is adamant about carrying out his mission. Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil, and Raghubir Yadav also appeared in the movie in supporting parts, and they all gave excellent performances.

Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year

Rocket Singh Salesman of the year Still

RSSOTY is the story of Harpreet, who joins a computer sales company but finds it difficult to reach his colleague’s sales goals and unethical business practices. Frustrated by the dishonesty, he makes the decision to found his own sales organization.

Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year may not have been a box office hit, but it has gained a devoted following and is sometimes regarded as an overlooked treasure in Hindi Cinema. This movie is really worth seeing if you enjoy seeing films for Entrepreneurs and Businessman.


Rog best underrated film on prime irrfan khan

Rog is a story of a Police officer who fell in love with a dead girl, whose murder case he was investigating.

When Rog was released, there were conflicting reviews, and it didn’t have a big financial impact. Irrfan Khan, however, got praise for his acting even in films that weren’t enormous box office successes, therefore his performance was well received.

Although the movie’s psychological themes may not have been interesting to the general public, they could be attractive to viewers who like romanticized psychological thrillers.


Karwaan best films of irrfan khan
Karwaan One of the best films of Irrfan khan

Akarsh Khurana’s 2018 comedy-drama film “Karwaan” is from India. Irrfan Khan, Dulquer Salmaan, and Mithila Palkar all play major parts in the ensemble picture.

Karwaan centers on three individuals from various backgrounds who travel together. Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan), his friend Shaukat (Irrfan Khan), and Tanya (Mithila Palkar), a young woman they meet along the way, set out on a journey to correct the error and find closure in their lives after Avinash receives the wrong dead body of his father.

Known for its touching tale and the connection between its lead actors, Karwaan is a surprisingly Underrated treasure of Bollywood. This movie is entertaining if you like comedies and dramas mixed with road trip stories.


Chef Saif Ali Khan best Film on Food and Foodies

Raja Krishna Menon’s 2017 comedy-drama film Chef is from India. It is a remake of the same-titled Jon Favreau-directed American movie Chef. Saif Ali Khan plays the lead character in the Indian adaptation.

Roshan Kalra, played by Saif Ali Khan, is a gifted chef who works in a renowned restaurant in New York City, But a string of incidents, including a confrontation with a culinary critic in front of the public, resulted in his firing. Roshan is forced to reconsider his life and professional choices as a result of this setback.


Masaan Varanasi movie shooting location

A highly regarded Indian drama film called Masaan was released in 2015. Neeraj Ghaywan is the director, and Varanasi, India serves as the setting for the movie. Masaan examines how several people’s lives interact as they deal with issues including love, grief, caste prejudice, and societal expectations.


Omerta best film of hansal mehta

Omerta digs into the life of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, analyzing his radicalization, engagement in terrorist operations, and complicity in many terrorist actions, including the kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. Omerta depicts a real-life terrorist and his activities in a raw and dramatic manner.

Rajkummar Rao’s acting in the film was well-praised by the critics, Omerta may not have garnered as much attention as other Bollywood films due to its gloomy subject matter and low economic appeal.

Omerta is one of the best films of Hansal Mehta.


tumbbad best hindi film of 2018

Tumbbad’s plot spans several generations and is set in the hamlet of Tumbbad in Maharashtra, India. It recounts the life of Vinayak Rao, played by Sohum Shah, who is obsessed with discovering a buried fortune.

The treasure is claimed to be guarded by Hastar, a wicked deity who can grant wealth but also cause tremendous tragedy. The film tackles themes of greed, desire, and the repercussions of unrestrained ambition as Vinayak’s pursuit of riches grows.

Tumbbad gained recognition for its aesthetically stunning photography, evocative storyline, and combination of mythology and horror themes. It’s widely regarded as one of the finest Indian horror films, with a cult following due to its unique plot.


Shagird nana patekar film best Bollywood Movies

Shagird is an Indian action thriller film directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia that was released in 2011. The cast of the film includes Nana Patekar, Mohit Ahlawat, Rimi Sen, and Anurag Kashyap.

Shagird story revolves around Mohit Kumar (Mohit Ahlawat) and Hanumant Singh (Nana Patekar), Mohit is a rookie cop who is supposed to be the apprentice or shagird of the tough and unorthodox police officer Hanumant Singh (Nana Patekar).

Hanumant Singh is well-known for his unconventional approaches to dealing with crime and offenders.

Shagird is one of the Best works of Nana Patekar and one of the Underrated Bollywood films.