How To Watch DD National On Your Mobile or Laptops (Doordarshan)

DD National is our national TV channel and it has some great feature programs which we always loved, it still airs some old classic Doordarshan TV Shows like, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi, Buniyad and many others, but the official website of Prasar Bharti is not in a good shape, it has so many error messages.

So if you are looking to watch DD National Online or on your Phone, then you can use the below method.

Some people who are not able to afford costly streaming services they are left with limited options.

Indian Govt and Doordarshan have telecast old Doordarshan TV Shows again on DD National and DD Bharti Channel.

Doordarshan Ramayan Retelecast

Shows Including Mahabharat, Ramayan, Byomkesh Baksh, SRK starrer Circus, and many others.

In a lockdown situation, the roads are empty, and people are at their homes. They will watch Ramayan and Mahabharat with the whole family. It will be a nostalgic trip for them and a good time at home.

How to Watch Doordarshan Online on Desktop and Laptop

Doordarshan is available in all TV Streaming apps, DTH providers, and free dishes.

Online streaming services like Watcho and Zenga TV stream DD National on their website for free for desktop and Phone Users.

Just visit their website and start streaming Doordarshan and your favorite Doordarshan TV Shows from the 80s and 90s.

Watch Doordarshan DD National Live

How To Stream Doordarshan on Mobile via App

Mobile phones are quite common these days, and people prefer watching shows and videos on their smartphones, so you can also watch Ramayan, Mahabharat, and other TV shows on mobile.

You can watch the Live Doordarshan on Watcho and DDLive TV App.

DD national Live on Phone app Android

You can also watch it on the Doordarshan TV App and News on Air App by Prasar Bharati, which are available on the Google Play Store.

Download Prasarbharti News on Air App

What if I miss these shows?

Don’t worry if you missed these shows; you can rewatch them on YouTube.

Circus and Byomkesh Bakshi are available on the Doordarshan YouTube Channel with many other old Doordarshan TV Shows.

Watch Byomkesh Bakshi Online

Watch Shahrukh Khan’s Circus Online

Mahabharat is Available on Pen Bhakti YouTube Channel.

You can watch these brilliant shows anytime, anywhere with an internet connection, but there is a special feeling watching them on Doordarshan. If you have a Digital TV or Dish, do watch them at the time of the Broadcast on your Television sets.

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