10 Best Cinema Halls or Multiplexes in India You Must Try in 2024

Entertainment is definitely a big part of our life! Especially with the best Bollywood movies to come by and also to explore the most!

After the rise of OTT in India, movies in Cinema halls only get occupancy for great films which provides a different kind of experience to its audience, and watching those films in these best Cinema Halls will be double.

Well, if you are just there and willing to enjoy movies with luxury and comfort, the Best Cinema Theatres in India are there to help you out! Well, choosing the best Cinema theatre might be a great way to have a wonderful time while watching the movies.

All that you need to do is simply choose the best option for available cinema opportunities. So, here are the Top 10 Best Cinema Halls or Multiplexes in India.

Top 10 Best Cinema Halls or Multiplexes in India 2024

PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

PVR Directors Cut New Delhi Best multiplex in India

The super luxurious Cinema Theatre stands tall on the capital of the country with the most luxurious features. The PVR Director’s Cut has all the exclusive features that will make your jaw drop while watching the movies.

Apart from the super luxurious seats, it has a cafe and a bar for the best results. Each selective seat comes up with the best results including a lampshade, footrest and also backrest. You would love to watch a couple of movies here. The price is rather on the higher side starting from INR. 800 to a maximum of INR. 1800.


prasads Imax in Hyderabad best cinema halls in india

Prasad’s is definitely a big name in the list of the best cinema theatres. This iconic location in Hyderabad offers great entertainment features. It also has some of the best experiences that you can get results. It was the first Imax screen in India but currently, they are not screening Imax format films and they also removed the name Imax, before it was Prasad’s IMAX.

PVR Superplex, Noida

PVR Superplex, Noida Best Cinema Halls in India

The PVR Superplex, Noida is definitely a Multiplex where you would love to be in for a weekend outing at any time. Certainly, with the best features and location, a lot of people from all over the city wish to enjoy this luxury experience.

The theatre is located in Logix Town Center Shopping Mall and has some of the best features. Apart from luxury sofas, the theatre offers different screens including IMAX, 4DX and also a special Playhouse. The PVR Superplex, Noida is definitely one of the Best Multiplexes in India 2024 and you would love to be here. The ticket rates are also affordable.

PVR Koramangala

PVR Koramangala Bangaluru Best Multiplexes in india

PVR Koramangala is probably one of the major multiplexes that you might be looking for in Bengaluru. In fact, the space of the theatre is also very big which brings out a majestic feeling at any point. The theatre provides some of the best experiences of enjoying seats and also the best features at any point in time.

While you are about to just enjoy the movies, a fine finger meal will be waiting for you. The theatre provides the customers with a choice of their own server and good quality of food. You would certainly love the experience here at the PVR Koramangala.

INOX Laserplex

INOX Laserplex best multiplexes in India
Unique Cinema Experience in Mumbai

INOX Laserplex is probably one of the most beautiful movie experiences in Mumbai. The beautiful movie theatre stands right on the Nariman point and has some of the best features that would make your weekend movie more exciting.

INOX definitely offers a reasonable ticket rate and has some of the best features to look for. The theatre has a special screen called Insignia that comes along with some of the best results. You must love the wonderful atmosphere and fine food experience it brings. It has almost 5 screens with variable ticket prices.

PVR Lulu Mall

PVR Lulu Mall best multiplexes in India

PVR Lulu Mall is one of the Best Multiplex theatres in India. Not just because it is in the largest mall in India, but the PVR Lulu Mall is definitely large by itself. The Multiplex has more than 9 screens and has some of the best experiences that you can get.

At a time more than 3000 viewers can enjoy the movie at the same time. It is certainly one of the biggest in India according to space and the available space. However, the price of tickets is very reasonable and you would love to be here! The features within the mall will keep on exciting you always!

Ariesplex SL Cinemas

Ariesplex SL Cinemas best cinema halls in India

Ariesplex SL Cinemas is another fine place to be in Kerala. The wonderful location and the beautiful amenities within the multiplex make the theatre wonderful and attractive. The food and the premium seats would just come up to make it a beautiful place.

Certainly opting for Ariesplex SL Cinemas would make your time in the movie theatre is amazing. The seats are critically imported from Belgium and are also great to have your time on. Apart from the resting experience, it has a 4K screen that can give you a beautiful experience to watch the movies.

Raj Mandir Cinema Jaipur

Rajmandir Cinema in Jaipur Best cinema Halls in India
Best Single Screen Cinema in India

Raj Mandir is not only one of the Best Cinema Halls in India of 2024 that you would love to be in. Just as the name suggests, the theme of the movie theatre has one of the best designs for entertainment.

It is also one of the most historical places in Pink City with a history of over 250 years. The complete theme of the Raj Mandir makes it a beautiful mark along with one of the attritions. The theme is completely royal and will give you a beautiful experience to enjoy the movies here. It is certainly one of the best theaters to enjoy a movie!

PVR Plaza

PVR Plaza Delhi
source: lsiindia.com

PVR Plaza stands right at the most important place in the Capital city. The best part of PVR Plaza is that it is very affordable to book movie tickets on weekends and make sure of the best results.

The theatre has some of the best seats and also the best features to amaze you all the time. Apart from the great ambiance, the multiplex also offers some of the best food experiences and also with the best results at the time.

Overall, you would find it a great experience to watch your favorite movie here!

Mayajaal Multiplex

Mayajaal Multiplex chennai

If you were wondering where this eternal multiplex is, the Mayajaal Multiplex is definitely one of the best places where you can experience a great movie. Well, not only because it is an iconic Multiplex in Chennai, but this one of the Best Cinema Halls in India has more than 16 screens to look for. The Mayajaal Multiplex has operated for more than 21 years and is also one of the best places in Chennai. The theatre offers a great seating experience with some o the best results easily.

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