Best Bhojpuri Holi Songs for Dance and Holi Celebration 2024

Bhojpuri Industry makes songs on trending topics, and they have plenty of songs for the Holi festival, Holi is a festival of Colours celebrated in the whole of India.

The Bhojpuri language is a language spoken in UP and Bihar and people enjoy Bhojpuri songs even in South India, Bhojpuri songs always have some fun elements, and naughtiness which is perfect for the Holi festival.

We have already shared the list of Best Bollywood songs for the Holi celebration in 2024.

Holi celebration is different from other festivals, people dance and play with water and colours in this festival, this colourful festival, you can enjoy these Bhojpuri Holi Songs for dance and enjoyment.

Many famous Bhojpuri actors have performed in Hit Bhojpuri Songs for Holi, we have shared few of the Best Holi songs for this year.

Checkout the list of Best Bhojpuri Holi Songs for 2024

Lahangwa Las Las Karta – Bhojpuri Holi song

Babuni Tere Rang Mein– Bhojpuri Holi hits

Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai – Bhojpuri Holi songs

Aawa Na Choli Mein Rang Dalwala (Bhojpuri Hit 2022 Holi Song)

Dui Rupiya – Khesari Lal Yadav (Holi Hit Song Bhojpuri Language)

Lal Rang Dalab Gulagulawa Me (Bhojpuri Hit Holi Song)

Bhatijwa Ke Holi (Holi Songs Bojpuri List)

Jija Tohar Rang Marchai Lekha Lage

Happy Holi to all of you !

These are the top Bhojpuri Holi hit songs list for 2022 Holi, You can add more Bhojpuri Language Holi Songs for the 2022 Holi Celebrations.

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