Filmy Fan

We all love Film actors and want to convey our personal feeling to them. Filmy Keeday have already tried a few times to convey fan massages to their favorite actors and actresses(You Can Read Them). Now we have come up with Filmy Fans, a simple and easy way by which you can easily reach your personal favorite actors and actresses with the help of Filmy Keeday team.

We will share your articles with your Favorite Actor/Actress and with the whole community of Filmy Keeday on Facebook, Twitter and other Social networks.

Do’s and Don’ts for Filmy Fans

Every privilege comes with its own terms and conditions, and here are ours. Please make sure to read them and follow if you don’t want your Fan mail to get rejected.

Use polite language.

Share as much you can.

Mention everything clearly.

You can share your personal stuff like cards letters etc by taking pictures of them.

Never copy from somewhere (You can use Images).

No offensive words.

No Promotional Post if you want to promote then contact us for Advertising.

No vulgar statements.

Do not degrade anyone in your post, not even the competitors of your favorite actors.

Be a part of Filmy Keeday

If you are a die hard fan of a particular actor/actress then you can contribute to our Filmy Keeday Community with your Articles about your Favorite Actress for More Information Contact Us.