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Bollywood reacts on Twitter after Supreme Court Verdict on #Sec377

Bollywood has always been with the concept of homosexuality. There are many movies based on this sensitive topic, teaching India about homosexuality, showing and describing Homosexuality in a positive sense. Today Bollywood is disappointed with the verdict on Homosexuality by The Supreme Court. Whole Bollywood reacts on Twitter by using #Sec377, #SupremeCourt, #Section377

Bollywood reaction started as soon as the verdict on homosexuality came. The Supreme Court declared Homosexuality illegal. The Supreme Court also made Gay S*x a punishable offense. The war on Twitter is on with many activists, Bollywood on favour of Homosexuality and the others who are against homosexuality and favour the court verdict.

Section 377
Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar

We are moving ahead and becoming a modernized country and not able to accept homosexuality is a setback for our country. Homosexuality is a part of our country and has been there for ages, it is time that we accept it with grace. Gays are also human and they must be given the right to live with all respects. We all must raise our standards now, it’s high time we have been suppressing the gay community.

FilmyKeeday team is highly disappointed with the verdict and our support is with the Gay community. They must now be given their piece of respect with honor.

Bollywood Tweets on Section 377

Hansal Mehta

Kunal Kohli

  Poonam Pandey

Ritiesh Deshmukh


Neha Dhupia

Rahul Bose


Anupam Kher

Celina Jaitley

Farhan Akhtar

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