Expected Cameos in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3

Tiger 3 hype is real and it crossed the 24-hour trailer view of Pathan in just 8 Hours, and when we saw Pathan and the Cameo of Salman Khan, it gave us the hint of Pathan being in Tiger’s next mission.

As we can see in the Tiger 3 trailer Tiger calls for help from the RAW members from Tiger Zinda Hai film, so we are expecting he may get help from Hrithik Roshan as Kabir and SRK as Pathan as well, so it won’t be a surprise if you see both War and Pathan linked to Tiger 3.

Emran Hashmi is playing a negative role, and he is gonna nail it.

SRK salman in tiger 3

We have already seen in the trailer that the events of Tiger 3 are happening after Pathan and War, so it is clear that Pathan and Kabir both are going to be present in the film.

We can also expect Ashutosh Rana as Colonel Sunil Luthra, he was already present in War and Pathan, another expected cameo can be Deepika Padukone and we may see some Deepika Katrina thing in the film, as we all know both worked for ISI.

What do you think about Tiger 3, If all these cameos become a reality, then there is no limit to the Box office collections of Tiger 3.