Once upon a time, women used to stay at home, cook food and raise kids.

Now it’s 2016, and women are going into space, running companies, becoming Presidents/Prime Ministers and living their dreams.  That’s the world I live in now, where women don’t need a Prince Charming. They want to follow their heart.

Marvel Comics is coming up with a movie that stars the first female superhero ‘Captain Marvel’. Of course, DC is coming up with ‘Wonder woman” next year. I can hardly wait to watch these movies on the big screen!

I have recently been watching lots of movies and TV series with strong female leads, so I thought – why not write a post about my favorite fierce ladies from the Animeverse.

So here I am with yet another blog post about animation movies.  I can’t help it.  Say hello to them 😉

Merida – Brave

Princess Merida, daddy’s little girl is fearless and an adventurous soul. In spite of being royalty, she is highly skilled in archery, climbing mountains and following whispers.

Merida is expected to follow traditions, behave like a royal lady and to marry a prince.

But she doesn’t want to get married. Instead, she wants to control her destiny. She is torn between fulfillingher duties as a princess, and following her heart. And she chooses to follow her heart.

When princes come from different regions for her betrothal, she declares an archery challenge for her own hand in marriage. Isn’t it pretty badass for a princess?

What I really like about Merida is being rebellious and not being afraid of making mistakes. Her mother, Queen Elinor, becomes upset with her not princess-like behaviour. However, Merida wishing to change the queen’s heart, unknowingly offers her bewitched pastries, causing the queen to turn into a bear.

She later realizes about making such a big mistake, and admits to her mother of being wrong. She finds the solution to turn the queen into a human again.

Merida overcomes the most difficult of obstacles to save her mother. Does it make her bravest among the all of the princesses? Isn’t she ‘Brave’?

Elsa –Frozen

Elsa doesn’t need an introduction; Does she? No, but for the records, she is an Ice Queen, who can bring a snow man to life(aka Olaf). She is also capable of sending the whole country ofArendelle into eternal winter, creating snowflakes and making an ice castle.  Possessing magical powers – it’s unbelievably awesome, isn’t it?

Elsa’s journey from‘Do you want to build a Snow man’ to ‘Let it go’ as also being a musical movie, reveals her abilities, fear of hurting others and self-esteem issues as a scared young lady who mistakenly injures her sister Ana with a stroke of ice while playing with her.

She then shuts herself out from the world without accepting herself or her powers.

After her coronation, Elsa leaves Arendelle for good to find her true self. As seen in the song “Let It Go”, she starts embracing her magical powers and accepts herself for being different. She overcomes her fears of hurting others by creating an artistic, magical ice castle and many beautiful sculptures. She can give life to any creature she creates. Giving life isn’t it the magnificent power of all? 

Elsa and Frozen say celebrate being different and accept yourself for who you are.

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Fa Mulan –Mulan

Fa Mulan is inspired from the originally Chinese poem of Hua Mulan from the Ballad of Mulan. Mulan is prone to adventures and hopeless in following simple rules or traditions. Mulan is notan everyday princess, who waits for her Prince Charming to arrive. Instead, she writes her own fate. 

She disobeys her father and takes his place in the army as an impersonating man, also learns to fight, becomes a warrior to fight for the honor of China.  In spite of women not being allowed to fight in a war, she was not afraid of getting the death penalty as punishment,  yet again bending the rules of the society. 

In the end, Fa Mulan becomes a role model for the whole of China. Mulan becomes what she is destined for because she takes risks and bends the rules of society. Yay!! She is a total badass J

Eep – The Croods

Eep is an extremely curious and dreamy girl with the biggest and yet beautiful green eyes, you will ever see. She likes to stay outside her cave, exploring the world, however, Grug aka her father believes otherwise.

Our protagonist likes running, jumping, chasing the sun, but it isn’t always possible because of other predator animals and life-or-death survival situations. Then she meets Fire aka “another Sun”, she learns about fire and how to use it.

Her world changes when the cave and canyon area fall downs, and the Crood family is forced to do a road trip. During this trip, the Croodfamily learn a lot about ideas, how life exciting and adventurous can at an outside out of their comfort zone.

Always be like Eep, curious to learn more about ideas and new discoveries, experience the unknown, new beginning and a hope that things will be better than they were yesterday.

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Fiona – Shrek

Fiona has a curse that she turns into an ogre during the night and remains human during the day. The curse can only be broken by true love’s kiss. While she waits for her prince charming, she likes to read fairy tales with martial arts skills and sings with such a high pitch that birds explode. Yes, you read me right. Isn’t it scary?

Her perfect fairy tale is ruined when she is rescued by Shrek, an ogre, instead of a Prince Charming. When finally Fiona realizes her love for Shrek, she chooses to be an ogre to stay with Shrek instead of becoming a beautiful princess.

It says all, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what matters is a heart full of love. So no matter what happens always cherish your inner beauty.

How do you like meeting these fierce ladies? Which one is your favorite from among the five? Do let me know your views in the comments or through social media.