Types of Movies Genres in Bollywood and Hollywood

Bollywood movies consist of many genres and categories like Drama, Comedy, Suspense/Thriller, Action, Horror, Romance, Biopics, Experimental, documentaries and a lot more.

There are many main genres in Bollywood and more of time many genres are combined to make movies. Apart from this, our directors try to invent new genres risking and experimenting their creativity like this year’s invention War Comedy.

Here is the List of all the Genres of Bollywood/Hollywood 

types of movie genres


Action Genre involves movies with fights and stunts.


Suitable only for viewers who are +18 (India) and + 15 (USA)


This genre involves movies with excitement, danger, and risk mostly inscripted in a fictional story.


This Genre of Movies have animation and sometimes animated characters as well.


Movies made on people’s biography and life events, dead or alive.


Movies with a simple story made for small children and kids


The main concern is given to humor of any kind.


The movie is based on any kind of crime.

Culture & Society

Religion, society and the culture of the people are shown in this kind of genre.


Dance is the main target and is elaborately shown in this kind of genre.


A movie showcasing facts and reality about a situation, event or a person. This kind of movies is primarily made for the historical record and not at all for commercial purpose.


In this genre, emotions and family relationships are shown with uttermost importance. Usually, Drama is combined with other genres.


This kind of genre is to educate people, for education as well as other things like social evils, the importance of resources etc.

Spy Films

Movies based on Spy, secret agents, Government agents etc. are called an Espionage genre film.

Family & Personal Relationships

Same as Drama film


Supernatural, magic and away from reality which is mystical is a fantasy genre film.

Historical Film

Movies with a plot based on Historical event, place or person.


Movies based on ghosts, spirits, black magic to scare you.


Typical Bollywood genres, a mix, and match of many genres combined with no common sense.

Music/ Musical

The music genre of movies is based on music, people related to music or characters related to the music field.


Movies with a plot weaved around mysteries come under this genre.


A plot based on romance, this genre is mostly combined with another genre to give the movie more depth.

Science Fiction

The movie story is based on science and technology with gadgets and robots.


Movies with no or very little voice are called silent genre movies.

Spirituality & Philosophy

Movies based on mythology, spirituality, and philosophies come under this genre of movies.

Sports & Recreation

Movies based on sports, sportsmen, athletes and sports event come under this genre.


The plot of the movie is based on a thrilling story with an angle of suspense come under this genre.


A story based on a travel/voyage like Titanic comes under this genre.


The plot of the movie based on war fictional and sometimes real wars happened in the past.


Movies related to western culture and people.