Indian Police Force Review: A Big Budget CID Show

Indian Police Force is the latest web series released on Amazon Prime, it was created by Rohit Shetty, he is a well-known Indian film director, known for his hit films like Golmaal Series, Singham, and his cop universe which includes Singham Series, Simbaa, and Suryavanshi.

Indian police force poster review

It looks like the Indian Police Force is also part of his cop universe as we haven’t seen any actor with different characters from previous films, but there was no hint that IPF is part of the cop universe.

Indian Police Force is the story of Delhi Police officers and a terrorist, the whole series is about a cat and mouse game, which was expected in such type of series. It starts with a serial blast in Delhi and then they start looking for the culprits, but they couldn’t catch them.

I feel that this is the lowest work of Rohit Shetty, and this web series doesn’t even have the feel of a web series, it looks like a Big movie cut into 7 episodes. Indian Police Force has lots of Slow motion shots, heavy music, and punch lines, just like Rohit Shetty Movies, but in terms of story, the web series lacks a lot, it has a similar story just like all series made on terrorism, so nothing new to watch.

In terms of actors’ performances, all the actors looked weak, even the villains (Mayyank Taandon and Rituraj Singh) of the series weren’t scary at all.

Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty were bad, but a cameo from Sharad Kelkar was good, and I was happy to see Mukesh Rishi back in the Hindi project.

Indian Police Force lacks a lot of content and I don’t consider it as a web series, it feels like a movie, Rohit Shetty could have released it in the cinema hall by linking it to the cop universe by adding some cameo of Singham, Simbaa, and Suryavanshi, even I was expecting it in the Web series but there was no cameo.

Overall, you can skip this web series, as it looks like a big-budget CID TV Show, and save your time for Special Ops 2.

Our Ratings for the Indian Police Force: 1 star out of 5

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