Bigg Boss House is like a Golden cage for all the contestants for 90 days, and Love Birds are very much needed in a cage. In every season of the Bigg Boss you must have found the housemates  getting close to each other, Love fills the air of the House and with so many cameras around them, recording every moment, these Love birds doesn’t talk much but their eyes speak it all. No matter how hard they try to hide, The audience and Bigg Boss know it all.

Lets have a look at these Love Birds from Season 1 to season 7 of  Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss House Love Birds

Bigg Boss Season 1 (Aryan Vaid- Anupama Verma)

The very first season of Bigg Boss, started in 2007. Amongst 15 housemates, Aryan Vaid and Anupama Verma were struck by the cupid. But soon after they were getting close, the things between the didn’t go well and they separated in the house itself.

Bigg Boss Season 2 (Rahul Mahajan- Payal Rohatgi & Monica Bedi)

Rahul Mahajan showcased himself like a desperate Casanova left free amidst women in the Bigg Boss season 2. Yeah he flirted openly and got close with 2 housemates, Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi. Rahul managed to steal a kiss from Payal on the show and even proposed Monica.

Bigg Boss Season 3 (Pravesh Rana- Claudia Ciesla)

Claudia didn’t know much English and found a friend and teacher in Pravesh. With Hindi lessons the duo came close. But they parted ways as soon as the show ended.

Bigg Boss Season 4 (Ashmit Patel- Veena Malik)

Ashmit or do I say, Aish Meeet. The name was given to Ashmit by Pakistani actress Veena Malik. They never tried to hide their affectionate moments, which many a times made the other house mates uncomfortable as well.

The season also showcased the wedding of Sara Khan and Ali. Ali was a guest in the show whereas Sara was in the show as a participant.

Bigg Boss Season 5 (Akashdeep Sehgal- Sunny Leone)

Akashdeep Sehgal made Sunny’s stay in the house comfortable by giving her the hand of friendship. The duo supported each other, and Akash even told Sunny that he knew about her past and she must not tell anyone about it in the show. And Sunny did as Akash has told her to. Their chemistry was quite visible in the show.

Bigg Boss Season 6 (Rajeev Paul- Sana Khan)

Rajeev Paul a divorcee had to share the Bigg Boss house with his Ex-wife Delnaaz Irani. But to a shock, Rajeev flirted openly with Sana Khan. They both openly said that they are good friends and will always be good friends. Media reported that the duo shared a kiss on the show, but they both denied. Kudos, to Rajeev Paul.

Bigg Boss Season 7 (Kushal- Gauhar and Tanisha- Armaan)

Season 7 is still being aired and love is everywhere in the house. This season is grand and two love stories are making their way in the house. Kushal has found Gauhar, and even asked for Gauhar in the wish well, showing all the feelings he has for Gauhar. Gauhar, however is enjoying the moments but has not clarified or given any green signals to this relationship. But their chemistry is definitely increasing the TRP of the show.

Armaan on the other hand is doing everything to woo Tanisha. We can see the shy and silent Tanisha letting her eyes speak her heart. Armaan is very protective for Tanisha and Tanisha is very protective for Armaan. The season has just started and there are many more weeks and high pressure to follow them.

Will the season 7 love birds be able to keep their love flowing? Or Does Bigg Boss has some other plans for them?