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13 Best Hindi Dubbed English Web Series on Amazon Prime

Foreign TV series and shows attracted a set group of audiences in India who favored the seasonal concept of series over the saas-bahu dramas served in India. However, this audience happened to be English-speaking.

Although foreign television series garnered popularity across India, the language barrier restricted audience growth to an extent.

But Amazon Prime has come up with a solution to gain more eyeballs on its platform by introducing Hindi-dubbed series English TV Series for India. The sudden rise of streaming culture in India has added new dimensions to the Video-on-demand concept. Streaming services like Amazon Prime have been a pioneer in minimizing the gaps and allowing content creators to explore ideas catered to all types of audiences.  

Earlier only a handful of popular movies or series were dubbed in Hindi. Later, big movie production houses in Hollywood and other foreign territories acknowledged the mass audience in India. Several movies originally made in English, Chinese, Korean, or Russian gained popularity in India with their Hindi-dubbed versions. Yet, the trend of Hindi-dubbed versions was limited to movies and a dozen or fewer TV series.

However, the times are changing now as Amazon Prime now streams foreign TV series in multiple audio versions including Hindi.

Best Hindi Dubbed Series on Amazon Prime

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription yet, then get one and enjoy some popular US or UK TV shows in Hindi. Here are some of the best Hindi-dubbed US and UK TV Series you can watch on Prime.


Upload hindi dubbed show on prime

Upload is a science fiction comedy show available on Amazon Prime in Hindi dubbed version, Upload story is quite unique, it is set in a future where people who died can live inside a computer program, they can interact with their loved ones and they can also enjoy a life after their death.

Show is quite unique and in 2023, season 3 has arrived, it is getting people’s attention.

The Boys

The Boys Hindi dubbed show on Amazon Prime

The Boys is a completely different take on the superhero genre. This American TV series is based on a comic book of the same name. Unlike the general perception where superheroes have deemed the saviors of the world against evil forces, The Boys features superheroes in a different light. In this series, the superheroes are the villains, whereas a band of vigilantes fights them as they misuse and abuse their abilities.

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan Hindi dubbed prime shows

If you are a fan of famous characters like James Bond, Ethan Hunt, or Jason Bourne; then you will love the American TV series, Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan is a popular fictional character featuring in novels penned by Tom Clancy.

Before the series that premiered in 2018, the character debuted in films adapted from Tom Clancy novels. John Krasinski is the fifth actor to portray Jack Ryan and the main lead in the 2018 US TV series. Although the series lasted two seasons, it’s a great package for fans loving the action-thriller genre.

Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Hindi dubbed show on Amazon Prime

A spin-off to the popular TV series The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead premiered 5 years after the original show. Although originally planned as a prequel to the main series, the spin-off exceeded the expectations of the producers. Eventually, the series ran concurrently with the original show resulting in many crossovers between the two series. Just like the original show, Fear the Walking Dead is also set in a post-apocalyptic world infested by zombies. It’s a great show available on Prime if you love the zombie apocalypse theme.


Treadstone Hindi dubbed series on Prime video

If you’re familiar with The Jason Bourne Film series, then you must be familiar with Operation Treadstone that created assassins like Jason Bourne. However, the Treadstone series doesn’t feature Jason Bourne but follows the origin story set in 1973 as well as present-day actions involving the fictional CIA black ops program called Operation Treadstone. Although the series ran for a single season, Treadstone tries to extend the Jason Bourne universe by explaining what led to the covert operation and its magnitude in the present world.

Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands Best Hindi dubbed on Prime

Into the Badlands is deemed as a high-octane sci-fi martial arts-themed series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world approximately 500 years into the future. Although modern technology like electricity and ground vehicles survives the apocalypse the society has given up guns and rely on hand-held weapons and crossbows. The entire series is set in a territory known as Badlands and follows the story of a regent Sunny and a young boy. The series lasted for 3 seasons and is an excellent watch for its unusual theme, martial arts, and sci-fi elements.

Mr. Robot

Mr Robot Hindi dubbed Series on Amazon Prime

No, don’t mistake the series to be a sci-fi thriller or action from its title. Mr. Robot is an American drama thriller series created by Sam Esmail. Although the series focuses on technology and cyber-vigilantism, Mr. Robot features no robot or Androids of any kind as the name suggests. The series follows the life of a cybersecurity engineer who uses hacking to connect with people thereby leading him to become a cyber-vigilante. The series deals with hacktivism and focuses on the journey of Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek, and his transformation from a cybersecurity expert to a cyber-vigilante. Mr. Robot is one of the Best Series on Computer Hacking.

The Purge

The Purge Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Prime video

The Purge is an American TV series based on a franchise of the same name. The anthology TV series premiered in 2018 follows the same theme from the movie franchise. Set in a dystopian America, the series follows the annual Purge event where all crimes are legal for 12 hours. Although the series was canceled after two seasons, The Purge gives you a glimpse of human society when given a free license to crime for a limited time. Both seasons are available on Amazon Prime in Hindi.

Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime Hindi dubbed cartoon show on prime video

As the title suggests, Transformers Prime is an animated TV series based on the main character from The Transformers franchise, Optimus Prime, and his Autobots. Transformers Prime is set in continuity after the video games and books – Transformers: Exodus, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Transformers: Exiles, and Transformers: Retribution. The series lasted three seasons followed by a television film Predacons Rising to complete the storyline. The main highlight of the series remains the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. Premiered way back in 2013 on Hub Network, the Transformers Prime series is available on Amazon Prime in multiple audio languages including Hindi.

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek Picard Best Web Series in Hindi on Amazon Prime

If you love the sci-fi genre and enjoy the space adventure theme, then you must check out the Star Trek franchise. For most kids born in the 90s, the original Star Trek series may sound outdated and hence the franchise was revived as movies earlier and recently in the form of Star Trek: Picard, a TV series created by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, Kirsten Beyer, and Alex Kurtzman. The series follows the life of an old Picard, portrayed by Patrick Stewart, reprising his role from the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. After garnering positive reviews for Season 1, the series was renewed for two more seasons currently in production. You can watch the first season on Amazon Prime right now.


NOS4A2 Hindi dubbed on Prime video

Based on Joe Hill’s novel, NOS4A2 is a supernatural horror drama TV series created by Jami O’ Brien. NOS4A2, pronounced as Nosferatu, follows the life of an artist with supernatural abilities to track an immortal preying on kids. The series stars Ashleigh Cummings as the main protagonist whereas Zachary Quinto plays the antagonist. The series premiered in 2019 and lasted for 2 seasons consisting of 20 episodes.


McMafia Best Hindi dubbed show on Prime

McMafia is a British crime drama series featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a pivotal role. Premiered in 2018, McMafia is inspired by Misha Glenny’s 2008 book titled McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld. The series stars James Norton in the lead role as Alex Godman, a British-raised son of a Russian mafia boss. His father moved to England to get away from the world of organized crime but for not very long. The primary focus of the series is the portrayal of different mafia organizations thriving across the globe including India. The first season of the series is available for stream on Amazon Prime.

The Terror

The Terror Web Series on Prime in Hindi

The Terror is an American horror drama anthology series. The first season of The Terror is based on the fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost voyage to the Arctic in 1845-48. The title of the series is inspired by the 2007 novel of the same name written by Dan Simmons which also forms the premise of the first season. The series features Claran Hinds as Captain Sir John Franklin who is the CO of HMS Erebus, whereas Tobias Menzies plays his deputy Commander James Fitzjames. Then there’s also Jared Harris who plays Captain Francis Crozier, the CO of HMS Terror. The second season of the series is set during WWII and focuses on the Japanese folklore of bakemono.

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No more missing out on American or British television content for the language barrier. You can watch the above popular TV series on Amazon Prime in Hindi. I hope Amazon Prime or other streaming platforms bring more foreign TV series dubbed in Indian regional languages, especially Hindi to attract a wider audience. It also allows the Indian creators to buckle up and produce better and highly creative shows beyond the saas-bahu dramas!

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