Available on Netflix, it is about the British Monarch, their personal life, and politics, and it is Available in Hindi Dubbed.


Story of  a Ex Army man, he lands in a town and things goes bad with him as he finds out something personal available on Prime in Hindi.

Lost in Space

Show is about a family, who travels in space and lands on a planet where they find an Ai Robot, Available in Hindi on Netflix.


In the Future, Humans will develop a technology where we can Upload memories to simulations after dying. Available on Amazon Prime.

The Boys

A world full of Superheroes, but in this world superheroes are not good, they are evil. Available on Amazon Prime.

Fear The Walking Dead

Zombies took over the world and a Family is trying to find rescue and shelter, it is a spin off series of The Walking Dead, Available in Hindi On prime.

Squid Games

A game shows where the price money is huge, but there is a cache in that, you must watch this award winning show, available in Hindi on Netflix.

Stranger Things

Sets in the 80s, A kid goes missing and his friends try to uncover the dark secrets of their town, Available on Netflix in Hindi.