scarface movie

10+ Best Hollywood Gangster Movies You Must Watch

Gangster movie genre has always found its space within different eras from the Hollywood film industry. It can be said that the world today is aware of...
Blue Chips (1994) best sports film

12 Best Basketball Movies of All Time for Fans of This Sport

Basketball is a truly amazing sport, isn’t it? The essence of this sport resonates with each and every person who has ever played it or dribbled a...
volcano 1997 movie Hollywood and United States

10 Best Hollywood Movies on Environmental And Natural Disaster

With the advent of technology and loss of nature, a lot of changes are happening in our atmosphere and the end result is always in the form...

15 Best Hollywood Murder Mystery Movies For WhoDunIt Film Lovers

Watching mystery crime thriller movies is never boring. And, if you are a suspense thriller fan, then you would also love watch films belonging to its sub-genre...
Upstream Color 2013 science fiction art house genre film

10 Best Art-house Sci-Fi Movies which are Worth Your Time

Art house is a broad genre and although the definition of the word is not very clear, the films that do not follow a set commercial pattern...
best 3d movies with popout effects

15 Best 3D Movies of All Time You Must Watch

The current era has moved into a new dimension with a series of 3D movies launched every year. Nowadays, almost every action or sci-fi movie produced in...

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